Vs Ken Strats

Since all anyone plays here is Ken, can anyone help out with this fight. It’s going pretty well, but just getting idea’s to help improve

Here’s what I’m using so far

  • Using SA2
  • Punishing blocked sweeps with EX Slashes
  • Trying to bait DPs with dive kicks

Can Ken punish a blocked jab slash (the first slash)or EX slash (before the 3rd hit)with his SA3?

Thanks for the help, any idea’s suggestions welcome

low strong can stuff Ken’s low forward
(though I didn’t try it much, I don’t know if it’s reliable)
A reversal (only reversal) super can punish even 1st jab mantis, though it won’t happen often if you try to not be predictable (it still requires a quick reflex from the opponent). Don’t know about the first hits of EX mantis.
Try to learn to hit confirm low forward into EX slashes, not easy but it can be done. It will add much to your game, together with standing strong -> link to standing short into ex slashes… so you have a low and a high hit confirm.
Standing fierce can punish blocked sweeps if you don’t have meter.

Um, good advice mostly, except even though I don’t understand reverals quite totally, i dont think supers can punish a blocked 1st jab slash, because it actually has frame advantage.

Then again it could depend on how close you are (i.e. how soon in the slash did you actually connect)

Jab slash is safe, EX isn’t.

i guess i hust remembered wrong, then :stuck_out_tongue:

any part in the slashes are punishable, weak or fierce, people usually find it easier to parry the jab version, probably cause the time it takes to actually connect, especially at max range. against ken, i d say just play it safe and build your knowledge from there.

most people won t try to parry/punish EX slashes, but try not to get predictable. the first 3 slashes of the EX can be done fast enough to seem like 1 constant hit(the draw back of this is its easy to red parry, constant = fireball SA feel for red parrying, but still give and take you ll have the option of mixing up the timing for 3rd, 4th and 5th ones). ken won t super unless you go past the 3rd one and he s 99.99999% sure you won t finish it, since the oncoming threat of slashes is whats keeping him from punishing you to begin with, as well as the normal ones.
the 4th and 5th are the ones most people pay attention to and are aware its easy to parry the 4th and 5th or just block since there isn t much leeway to command, a dive kick is parriable after something like that at that range, and teching is easy. some players who still have that wake up parry habit will go for down parry after the 3rd or 4th. pay close attention to their sprite, they should be blocking or standing for a split second to mix up if their gonna block/parry, if you see them “winding up” for say a SA or whatever, depending on the atmosphere and calibur of the player, finish it.
but judge the player, cause if he s above average or someone you play often, 90% he ll just block since until your outside of that move or the next continued block sequence from you, your not much a threat if they just block, since your at a range AND situation where most anything you do can 90% probability be seen and or punished. if it does work, the next sequence, mix it up again but don t finish it, its a high probability they ll block and your pretty close and can t do jack, so the safer thing is 3 constant first, then judge from there on. people play different in casual and tourny, so remember to factor that also.

just don t get predictable. sounds easy but to any ken that knows a lil about the match up, there isn t much yang can do to really get in there safe, especially against higher calibur players. you d really have to use experience on this match, ken hits hard as shit so plan ahead.

low strong is good to bait out crouching roundhouse and crouching mk, but don t overuse it, overhead and standing roundhouse kills it.
hit confirming low forward becomes second nature the more you use him, but habits do pop up:wgrin:

standing strong > standing lk can only be done at closest range(low lk also an option on some characters) so its for guaranteed combos really, standing lk can be blocked up, so it doesn t add much high-low game. on paper, standing lk is parriable high or low, in reality nobody will red parry the lk after a standing strong, but just a heads up so your aware they only have to block standing then red parry high.
if you can pacify someone to do close standing strong without getting parried(whether from pressure or knockdown) or punished, its good to mix in a throw or whiff a lk divekick to add safe pressure, most likely they can/will react with a tech since they wanna be safe too. standing mp pisses people off cause it works like yun’s lp lk mp combo after mid to lower divekicks(blocked or hit).
so for people nervous to throw or punish with anything outside EX and SAs after mid to lower divekicks(even so, they might be stopped before “winding up” on mids, lower is like 90%), go into mp, fierce, back + fierce combo or hit confirm into slashes, this drives people nuts since they swear they have “right of way”(certain characters can be mp’ed before anything even from a high divekick towards the head after a successful airhit, but don t do it often cause if you miscalculate these kinds of divekicks, its a free throw, generally you wanna aim towards anywhere from the character’s chest and down). just a reminder, people you know will of course predict(parry) and or punish. often, high calibur players at tournies can react to divekicks off the bat even without knowing your habits, and are aware of the leeway for mp on landing, so play more calculating with them shits.

btw- i ll make suggestions to the problems you present, but i don t wanna force it and i hate getting into details about any character since that list can go on and on with all the different factors involved.
i try and give the most basic “general yang” suggestions i can, since not everyone plays tang alike and there IS a pool of common knowledge most tangs should know/know of.

too bad i have no real way to get 3rd strike directly connected to my pc, i can explain things in better detail if its from pictures or in the game.

specify exactly what the majority of your energy loss is coming from/whats bothering you, maybe i can suggest something.
i ll post some more if i finish my homework early.

Thanks alot for the help guys. Been playing Yang a ton, he’s awesome (picked him up as a break from Urien and Yun and now I play him more then either one of them)

Can anyone tell me the specifics of why sometimes Yang’s last hit or so of the EX slash will whiff? Is it a timing thing or a range thing

you know the annoying guys who sweep at every chance…
yang far s.mp stuffs all shoto sweeps guaranteed
I love that shit

if your JUST starting with tang, my BEST suggestion for you is to pick yun lol.

for the whiffed EX, maybe your doing the first couple way too fast.

i dunno if i’m the only one who prefers cr.jabs > EX slashes
3 x cr.jabs are so much more easy to confirm

And c. jab can be parried both low and high.

I agree that’s much easier to hit confirm. But it has less uses.

definetly, with the jab, its fast, you can generally get 2~3 then hit confirm, and it beats alot of things at inside sweep distance range, ONLY downside would be it can be parried high or low, so with the better players, smell around before using it.