|VS Live Fest| Juarez, Mexico Presented by: Ifox-Towers, Empire Arcadia, Fantasy Team

Alright folks, here’s the latest.

VS Live Fest
Tournament in Juarez, Mexico.
July 20-22
KoF 2k2, MVC2, NGBC, KoF XI

Other side tourneys:
Garou:Mark of the Wolves, Third Strike, SVC:Chaos

Side tourney games require a minimum of at least 10 participants to make it official. And a minimum of 5 bucks to enter. If less than 10 enter, but still want to hold the tournament, we will leave it up to the players if they want to double the registration fee of that game from 5 to 10 bucks.

Fee for KoF 2k2, and MVC 2= 10 bucks
KOF XI-7 bucks
NGBC- 5 Bucks

NGBC/KoF XI/Third Strike (PS2)
KoF 2k2, Garou, SVC Chaos (MVS)

Free Lodging, just PM me, and Ill work with you all. if my PM box is full hit me on aim at svcpenny


We will be updating throughout this month more info. I know I missed a lot of information for right now. I’m Kinda in a hurry right now… But give me time, ill deliver.

Big Thanx to:
Fantasy Team, Newground Team, iFox-Towers staff, Kultur@, club mierd’, Empire Arcadia, neo-geo.com, and orochinagi (thanx Gunsmith)… I know I"m missing some folks, but its a lot of people…

Everyone better go to this!!!

I will be there so help me God!!!

mmmm big tourny in Mexico, ill do what i can and try to go there :rofl:

Good…know any other people interested?


Fuck no…I heard if u win they tie u up and beat u like a pinata…fuckin tamales everywhere…

And newayz i escaped from there, not trying to go back BEATCHHHH!!!

lol jk

Everyone here from the El Paso area are going. ~7ppl

nice good to know, I really hope you guys get the word to people in Colorado, i believe you guys have contacts over there.

BTW, ill be updating more details. Given the interest in third strike…

Make sure to record the matches, with a non-shaky high quality camera. For sure all matches with Esteban, Abraham, Khannibal, etc need to be recorded.

IM not making promises. So, don’t have your expectations too high. Best way to make sure they get capture is to go yourself. but, we’ll try to record it, it’s just that there’s so much stuff going on, it’s something i can’t assure.

The prize is so little for me to go all the way to ciudad juarez to play 3s

I dont play Marvel anymore, I know all of the DF players, but Im not in that scene.

If the 3s tourney was to be a little bigger I could go.
Make it at least 7 bux like XI

I miss all those guys from CA.

if more people are down for that, ill higher the registration for third strike to 7, i don’t see a problem with that.

However, given the nature of the show, i do have to consider that for the most part, most of the people coming will be doing so, for 2k2.

it’d be something like 70:10 ratio. on 2k2 to third strike. but if all those 10 are down to higher fee to 7, i don’t see a problem

too bad mexico is just KOF and MvC2, i doubt there should be enough to run a decent 3s tourny

Funny thing is I’d actually enter 3s lol…why the hell not right??

thats the spirit DG!!

Anything I can do to support the scene!

el paso loves street fighter so i know there will be people for 3s and mvc2 i’ll personally make an effort to drive 5 3s players up there…

thanx SCK,

i’ve been trying to get in touch with the utep crowd, or people from elp in general. but yeah, hope to see you guys there.

Fuck That Shit… I Aint Going To Juares…to Many Murders Up There…

I would attend with other 2 people besides me if I get guarantee there will be at least 16 people for 3s

hows the scene on ciudad juarez for 3s?
I know Jwong would join, I would like to play him but this tourney is in the same date as the trash day
I gotta choose.

i can’t guarantee you anything when it comes to that.

However, given that if justin, DG, and everybody from el paso join, that would be a total of at least 8 confirmed for sure, plus a few others that have confirmed me from mexico. I highly doubt there will be less than 16, but who knows. I can’t assure you that, until the day of the tourney.