VS Live Fest Results, Juarez Mex

here’s the results, sorry for the delay, for the very few interested, but I was just waiting on the results for third Strike which Dark Geese had:

KoF 2k2:


Marvel vs capcom 2

SF3: third Strike
1.Virgil- El Paso
2.Keiv- El paso
3.Sun City King- El Paso

NGBC Coliseum got cancelled due to low interes, same for Garou.

GG:Accent Core had a decent turnout but everybody wanted to do casuals, so we lefted at that.

We decided not to take the PS3 for security reasons, which means Tekken 5 Dark was cancelled.

SVC got cancelled due to low turnout, we had it there, but outside the turnout the rest of the TVs had either tournaments running, or had casuals.

so cancelled by games:
SVC, Accent core, Garou, and NGBC

however both Garou and Accent core had casuals going on. NGBC had some casuals, but DG never left the controller so either you played him or you didn’t.

I personally was deeeply upset on SVC, i really wanted to have this game running but there were other issues involved.

to all of those who went to the event, we really hope you enjoyed it. and wish you all luck on future tournaments you go to.

I just wanted to say thanks NeoPenny for inviting me. I had the TIME OF MY LIFE in Mexico and as soon as possible I’m going back to Juarez!!!

This won’t end yet fellas…Pennys done with tournies but I wanna take over from here!!

This was too good to be true…a dream come true for me.

Nice to meet Khannibal, Esteban, Abraham, Lecter, Beto, Taekwa, Raxs, Sergio, Vegar, Jaime Chavez, Angel, Sergio (Juarez) and plenty plenty others mad shout outs…

I’ll be seeing them again pretty soon anyways Juarez is gonna be my home away from home!

-Dark Geese

Come on Razx is from Torreon Coahuila, not chihuahua

Can you post how many people joined 3s?

I wanna know what did I miss, I had surgey so I couldnt go

thanx for the correction krisoforo. I had my doubts on that one, cause he arrived with taekwa from monterrey, and he picked up people from torreon and chihuahua, that’s where i got confused.

but thanx for the correction, ill go ahead and make it.

3s had Six people total I know because I ran it…

You didnt really miss a whole lot :lol: 3S was just like a side tourney.
Even though I knew that VS Live was all about SNK games, I was kind of hoping at least 4, maybe 5 people from Juarez would join.
Oh well…

Marvel was supposed to start at 2 but didn’t actually start until 6 so that was really lame.

4/7 single elimination Marvel was really weird too, should have been 2/3 double elimination like it usually is.

Anyway, the casuals were pretty fun and I got peaced out by Jano super early. =( Oh well, it felt nice to actually get outplayed because it shows I have a lot to work on. Juarez guys were really cool and nice to me. I think they understood my attempts at speaking Spanish. :rofl: I hope to play them sometime in some more casuals.

how much did the winner of 3s get?