vs low pokes

imo, one of dudley’s weaknesses is low pokes, like chun’s cr. mk or ken’s cr.mk…

for high pokes, we have s. HP to option select off or trade with.

How do you guys deal with random low pokes?

recently, I’m trying to anticipate low pokes while outside of range and doing forward HK and try to stuff them or trade. Does anyone else do this?

jump. thats about all you can do.

for ken, if you down parry a c.mk, you can combo into s.RH exmgb, or catch the recovery with f.HP.

for chun, you can try to uoh over the c.mk, or catch the recovery with a c.RH into whatever.


and imo, most low pokes aren’t random, they’re set-ups.

the main thing to look at there is what they are setting up for.

if you attempt to focus on punishing the low poke, you may be taking the bait for something.

“an opponent distracted is an opponent defeated.”

that’s my $.02 USD