VS Necro

I’m looking for some tips on fighting Necro.

How many spinning-punches can he do in a row? I assume you can combo one into another… often, I’m hit with a standing MK after they do this move, when I try to throw them, low MK or something. If not a standing MK from Ryu, shouldn’t at least a throw be quick enough?

Do you have enough time to do a close HP from Ryu/Ken (or HK from Ryu, or MK from Ken) if you parry just one of the twirly-kick hits (that he does in the air)?

he can fierce tornado hook>b.mkx strong/jab tornado hook but only use this if oponent is stunned because fierce tornado hook is sooooooo slow
hit advantage of strong tornado hook is 2- but he can grab you if you try a slow move (more 5/6 frames) if you try grab this guy all time
he can use b.fierce first frames can’t grabed yes you can hit necro afther a parry (drill kicks) but is hard i think is better parry 1 hit > shoryuken or red parry>necro dead
is very important know red parry jab tornado hook
and if you pick ken you can reversal a lot of necro stuffs