Vs. Oro



So I was playing in the FFA ranbat earlier tonight when I lost to an Oro player. The match really wasn’t that bad, but I realized that I really don’t know how to deal with Oroespecially in getting around his standing :hk: of death.

Afterward, I talked with ReNiC (whose Alex is way better than mine), and the only “advice” he could give me was that he’d never played Oro in a tournament before either. EVO is just around the corner, so I’d really like to know more about this match-up, lest I get a bunch of Oro players in my pool.



i got the same encounter as yours … Oro with sa2 or sa3 ??

if the oro is fairly good with chickens and sa2 set up , you still lose …

oro is scary …

oro has good poke strings , tickthrows … not to forget STUN

Oro players don’t use hk for meaties…they use hk for minor footsies , close-quater footsies …

sa3 …??? run …just run away …( if activated )
basicly , if he use sa3 , don’t make him rush , TURN the Table …

WATCHout for jumps ! in 3s abusing jumps is a good form of strategy .
all thanks TO YUN AND YANG >__> …
such as verticel jumps into empty+throw , empty+c.mk->3-slams , DEEP-hk …or jump again … and literally screw up your mind …

so use f.mp and neutral-mp wiselu for alex …

DOn’t have other choice , KEN THAT SHIT DOWN ! KEN >>> ORO …


There isn’t too much Alex can do against Oro. Generic advice would be to mix it up and go for karathrows instead of powerbombs. Know the player as well as the character.

I trust Dirty Music’s opinion on Oro’s matchups.

The situation: Alex vs Oro is 3-7.
Dude’s advice: Ken vs Oro is 6-4.
If you’re gay: Chun vs Oro is 8-2.


So… I made top 64 at EVO before losing to a fucking Oro player. I should’ve just picked Chun. :xeye:


NO. Represent the lower tiers, screw stupid ass Chun. :tdown:


c’mon just like what that KSK did in evo2k2 !!