Vs Parry / Throw Happy Ryu who has zero footsies

Hey guys.

So I’ve been versing this Ryu lately whose entire game plan seems to be to jump in, parry my AA attempt and push me into the corner, OR, empty jump throw. I try and force him into playing footsies with me but he just spams cr. strong and i eventually get tagged, and he loves to random ex. srk on wakeup. OH AND he loves to sweep, specifically after a cr. strong. Even after I parry his sweep more than once he still does it and it tags me. Its like he doesnt learn from me punishing him for doing something. Im expecting that he DOES learn, so i expect that he’ll change it up, but no, still, spam the cr. strong, the sweep, and ex. srk and i still get tagged by it.

I AM a pretty mediocre player but I need help against this Ryu and Ryu in general.

help =D

Funny, I’ve played the same kind of Ryu. Who are you playing as? I play Makoto so I have a sense of baiting SRK’s then Karakusa Komboing (Yes, spelling that phrase with a K. Best thing to do would be to play in avoidance. Instead of going for the AA jump and either take the hit or parry it and counter w/ your own. The best way to slow an offensive shoto is to show them you’re not willing to deal with their impose their priority and spacing will BS. Er…
Seeing as you posted this in the Ken forum, I’m guessing you’re playing Ken. You could mix up which AA you throw out. EX-SRK hits twice I believe and he’s got a few normals that are AA as well. I’m pretty sure you’ve got throw priority after they land as well. So if they jump empty, throw them. Don’t go for a SA if they land. Chances are you’ll get thrown out of it.
Bait the random SRK. It’s very punishable. Also, sweeps are very punishable. You can go: cr. med kick, hadouken, SA combo if you block it. Hope this helps a little bit. Also, if those sweeps and crouching jabs keep coming don’t be afraid to throw out a l. SRK. Don’t do heavy, usually only hits with the 1st two hits and leaves you vulnerable when you land.

  • If you see him keep empty-jumping, try a backdash into something like a cr.MK to throw him off. If he times his jump early, dash under and do like cr.LKx2->Super.
  • If he KEEPS doing EX SRK on wakeup, block it and punish. If he still keeps doing it, then more punishes for you.
  • If he keeps doing the sweep after cr.MP, just keep parrying it until he starts learning. Or just block and punish with cr.MKxxSA3. If he still keeps doing it, okay cool.

Basically, just expect him to do everything over and over again until he decides not to. It may sound weird and scrubby, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Some people just never learn until they get hit hard enough like multiple times.

Just walk under his jump, you dont have to dash, and meet him with a cl. st. strong -> fierce -> super. The strong will beat the throw and it leads into one of kens more damaging combos. It also cause his jump attack to miss if he decided to attack.

You know exactly what he’s going to do, and this game has parrying.

You cant be afraid to walk forward in this game, having the option of down parry -> cr. strong -> super is very good, especially after a knockdown from a throw or sweep. You can probably down parry the first hit of an ex shoryu anyway.