VS Poison



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Poison match up

I find this matchup to be pretty even. After playing a few solid Poison players. The matchup can go into a fireball zoning war.

Her ex fireball is really really fast and quick on recovery. Anticipating/reading their fireball patterns and using demon flips to get in is always good… or using palm. It can get tricky however when they use the HP fireball (the one that travels really short but is really slow)

Also watch out for her focus attack. Because she is a tall player she can anti air with focus like Seth.


cr.hp does not seem to be that reliable against poison’s hk jump in, got beaten out of it or traded a lot when i wanted to save meter. ex tatsu bomb is no problem of course…


Did you try c.MK?

Lots of Goukens forget about it, but it’s a pretty godly AA :stuck_out_tongue:

Also light tatsu is probably our best hitbox for AAs outside of c.MK and c.HP, make sure you try that too.


Make sure your link is tight. Her c.lp is 3 frame and it can link into ultra with just one EX bar. She can cause a lot of damage whenever she jab out of pressure. Due to that they tend to jab a lot and therefore good to use tight frame trap against her.

She has no real cross up beside lk, so if she is trying to do mix up, just dash. Worst is you will hit one lk damage.

Ultra 1 is a very decent anti-air move for her. Don’t neutral jump in front of her. Her projectiles has deceptively large hit box. Generally just don’t try to land in front of her unless she is down.

Her love whip is unsafe on any block.

Her ex fb lost one hit after it traveled far. If she has a lot of ex bar, just stays further away and you will be safer.

She has nice fireball, but in my opinion Gouken wins on AA and recovery. Feel free to stays away since you can occasionally get in with EX demon, but she can’t.

Don’t try to palm through projectiles. They have really large hit box that are considerably more difficult to time right. Plus she has fast recovery, and her projectiles varying in speed by a lot. It is better to stay far.

Best range against her is at sweep range. Her st.mk doesn’t actually reach all that far. Her over head do hop over sweep though, so be careful on what you throw out.

She doesn’t actually mind being corner that much. Her reversal hit behind her and you can’t really cross her up there.

Her best anti-air is standing hk, c.hp and EX dp. Dive kick stuff all of the, Her reversal is very slow and very easy to cross over.

She has a completely invulnerable backflip (like claw’s) so don’t try to chip her out on wake up with ex tatus.


palming through her projectiles from a range you can react to easily is from my experience not a good idea because she recovers quick enough from most of them.

You can pull it off if you can tell which attack strength your opponent uses immediately or if you can react quick enough if you’re closer, but that’s taking chances otherwise.


How are you supposed to deal with her flip kick grab thing? It doesn’t seem to be punishable on block and it’s too fast to AA.


i was thining about that last night, rolento also…must be cr mk.


Cr. Mk vs the new cast is really good, her flip is -2 at the worse, so she will do either throw or cr. Jab. Just block, back dash or tech throw. Also, ex tatsu if you’re able after hado recovery when you see her doing it. Angled fireball will hit her unless she does ex flip!!!


I find another good strategy to deal with it is to bait it out and punish. It has poor range and if you walk back at the right time it will whiff and you can sweep.


St.fp, st.mk both will knock him/her out of it if you can read it. He/she’s an asshole.


lol. FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: establish Poison’s gender pronoun.

In Japanese canon, Poison is a pre-op transgender woman (anatomically male, identifies as a woman).

In US canon, Poison is a post-op transsexual woman (used to be a man, post-operation, now anatomically a woman).

In both cases, I think it’s considered polite to refer to a trans person as the gender they most closely identify as. In this case, Poison is definitely a “she.”


hhahahaha all the boners incurred from her victory dance , should poison players ever have to explain…hahahahahhaah…, I never knew about her story tho


I prefer “shim”, as in shim is an asshole or Poison is one big asshole of a shim.

One could also invoke the less natural sounding “heesh” as in heesh has a stupid backstory and makes shim even more of an asshole.


Still haven’t lost to a single Gouken on PS3. They all seems completely clueless how to fight against Poison.

A few tips I observed.

  1. Don’t bother parry after the first two hit in any block string. You might catch her once or twice, but she will just start doing the armor breaking love me tender in the block string, which is safe for her on block and put Gouken in terrible position. Her forward throw really hurt, and put her in great mix up situation as well. So they tend to throw a lot Therefore, Parrying her is generally bad news.

  2. Don’t play fireball war with her. She will beat you. Her Aeolus Edge recovers similarly to Gouken, but start up incredibly fast. Gouken will lose fireball war anywhere beside full screen.

  3. c.hp doesn’t work very well with her jump in. Trade most of the time. Even c.mk is not all that reliable. Try to stay out of that jump-in spacing.

  4. whip of love (rekka) punish with c.lp -> palm / tatus only. Don’t try mp or hp punish cause she usually time the second or third one to frame trap timing since all stage of her rekka has similar recovery anyway. Unlike Fei long where the last one is significantly more unsafe. So if you are punishing, do 3 frame one like throw or c.lp.

  5. Do not neutral jump once she has Ultra AT ALL. Love storm (her Ultra 1) is literally made to catch neutral jump. It hurts.

  6. When throwing fireball, don’t do it in Love me tender range when she have EX bar. It is not a very good special but it is incredibly reliable for going threw fireball since it is instantly invulnerable to projectile and against good Poison they will link it into c.lp and st.mk -> EX love me tender -> Ultra 1.


Love me tender is the move where heesh comes in for the mustache ride, correct? Like, the face hump?


I’m only losing to poison when I do whats listed in 1), thanks for the help in 4) also, made promise to myself to stop doing 6) after losing to Broly a couple weeks back!