vs Remy

Here’s a match I played against a Remy recently:


I know that I’m still not very good, but I had a hard time figuring out how to get past the wall of sonic booms / flash kicks.

Any tips on this matchup?

in general it seems like you’re playing too passively. ryu isn’t going to beat remy in a fireball war, nor are you going to be landing meaningful damage/stun or building meter by hanging back. this isn’t one of those matchups where non-ex fireball will accomplish anything besides stalling the match. you can try throwing an ex fireball (a favourable trade for you) and then dash in after him while he’s blocking or being knocked down. besides that, you’ll just have to use parries and careful jumps to get in. if you’re struggling with air parries, space your jumps so that he can’t tag you out of the air. then play ryu’s poke game (c.mk x ex fireball, s.mk, etc) until you get close enough for heavier damage or a hit-confirm into sa1. the unique part of this matchup is more about how to get on top of remy than the actual damage-dealing, so check out a few high-level vids of ryu vs remy to get some ideas of how they’re handling that.

the other big problem with your gameplay is that you don’t punish hard. ryu has giant hands and feet for a reason. if remy whiffs a flash kick, go for a nice bnb like c.hp x joudan. watching you punish those huge whiffs with double c.lp (one time when you had a full bar!) made me cringe. i think that’s literally the least damaging thing ryu has.

oh yeah, random srks are bad. don’t try to be a hero who hits people out of moves with psychic precision. one day a urien or makoto is going to come along, watch you do it and be like “yeah, i just won.”

edit: look 50 seconds in. remy’s in the corner exactly where you wanted him and you retreated, letting him just walk out of there. if a comeback that round was going to happen, it would’ve happened there. bringing the game back midscreen where you can get assaulted by lovs isn’t helping anyone except remy.

other notes: dont taunt against remy. it makes your stun bar clear faster but remy deals no stun. totally pointless.

Agreed. Corner him and stun him asap. Learn to air parry cr hp and flash kick and you should stomp him if you get in.

You’re making yourself work harder for no reason. Multiple times you closed to distance, scored a knockdown, and then just backed off to throw a fireball. That’s giving up a huge advantage.

Also I don’t understand why you’re taunting vs Remy. It’s impossible to stun anyone with Remy.

Agree 100%. I’m going to post a few newer matches for comparison. I’ve more or less eliminted the ‘moving back’ part of my game, and try to push forward as much as I can to keep the pressure on. I’ve stopped (or tried to) tossing out random fireballs.

I’ve also reduced taunting (except for fighting Makoto, Q, etc).

You really don’t need to taunt. If Makoto is going to stun you, it’s going to happen, that like 10% bonus isn’t going to make a difference. vs Q makes no sense, Q will never stun you unless you fall asleep. And again if he is going to stun you, it was going to happen with or without the bonus.

The only character it actually makes a bit of sense to taunt vs is yang. he piles on stun bit by bit over the match (unless he is annihilating you in which case you’re fucked anyway).

Anyone who’s doing a lot of stun in a few hits is just going to stun you if you’re going to be stunned. you’re basically giving up your advantage in spacing/time to receive a mostly pointless bonus.

Thanks for the info… makes me wish Ryu had a better taunt (more in line with Ken’s).

yeah his taunt isn’t exactly the most useful but whatever, he has enough other totally rad qualities.

against remy… use denjin. but only if youre good with it.

dont bother taunting with ryu unless u want to play turtle and strategically vs ALEX, NECRO, ORO.

besides that, i dont see the point.

rcorporon i think we played the same remy, here is my match.


I’m still learning so go easy.

I agree Denjin is the way to go in this match. He gets stunned like a bitch and if he eats a 3 hit combo from Ryu he is pretty much toast.

Above, Don’t want to critique too much since you got the W overall but in the first round you had him in the corner asap. Parrying or just being a touch more cautious and you’d have kept him there and ended it quick.

Good approach! Heres a couple things…

-UOH will go over low frisbees and move you forward. Parrying lov’s can build meter, but if you wanna approach in a safer way than jumping/sj, than simply ducking high lov’s, and UOH’ing over low lov’s can close the, forcing Remy to back into the corner. imo cornering Remy is a more important concern than building meter when you’re using denjin

-its good practice to still hold back while your opponent is comboing you in case they mess up. @35 secs remy did jump in rh, low rh, and it didn’t combo but you took both hits. could have been free damage!

-id lay low on the random shoryus. remy doesn’t punish hard, but you were still throwing them when 1 opportunity would have cost you the round even vs remy. that double whiff shoryu shit works cause of lag, so you’re developing a really bad habit

Thanks for the input, yeah the dp whiffs are a terrible habit I just want to land super so bad when I get it, it clouds my judgement, and I always try to tell myself as I play don’t do it but my hands do anyway.

100% stun does not stun a taunted ryu irc… (assuming empty stun bar when grabbed)
So if that is true I would not totally write off taunting against mak

Tuba, the combo you landed at about 1:30 on him was it:

j.HK x cr.MK x hadouken ??

I need to pick up a few more easy combos for my Ryu. I usually stick with 2 hitters (ie: cr.MK x hadouken, cr.MK x ex hadouken, cr.MK x ex tatsu, etc) but I’d like to learn a few from jump ins.


Any combo finishing by a fb is crap. At least use Ex.

or tatsu. Joudan if applicable

ya you gotta get those knockdowns!

Yeah it was, best jump in combos for me are j.hp, s.hp xx tatsu or joudan as pherai and Wantonx said knockdowns.

Another good one is crossup mk, s.hp xx lp.shoryu massive damage use sparringly in your mixup game.