VS Rolento



When a new version comes out we will delineate with a post

Rolento match up

does rolentoes multi hit rekka beats goukens mp counter?

indeed, rolentos rekka beats out mp/ex counter (counter hit)… bs!


So, played a decent rolento last night and I think this matchup is really interesting. He’s really annoying and his DJ into stick is really deceiving. He can follow up that to a cross up, backward or neutral jump. All of his jumps have to be blocked high and he has a high/low mixup that’s really good. I think the key here is to be calmed and be really patient. It’s like playing blanks and fuerte at the same time. A lot of his specials aren’t safe, but I’ll give a review about that later!!!


Pogo stick loses to low kongo

while he’s hopping around use dj normals