Vs Rose



so i was playing some G1 last night and i ended up facing PhatSaqs Rose a couple of times. The first game he stomped me pretty hard, the second one i at least made a game out of, but still lost. I feel i lost because

  1. Hes a great player with great execution (made it to evo semis) and
  2. i have really almost zero experience against good rose players.

i mean ive watched his vids on youtube but i still wasn’t ready to actually fight him. theres nothing in the matchup thread about rose so i wanted to see what kinda insight people might have on her. A couple things i noticed in out bouts were that

  1. her forward dash is crazy fast and caught me with fw dash > throw a number of times
  2. jumping in was tough, her cr. fierce worked as a good anti air
    3 . soul sparks zone really well cuz the go so slow, allowing her to get to the range she wants while you decide how to handle it.
  3. i dont think she has a real effective way of getting out of the corner if you could trap her there.

so yea, anyone else with good tips on fighting her please!


Yeah, Rose sucks in the corner against Gief. Just walk her there. If you find they like to cr.HP, just empty jump and SPD or ultra and they’ll get scared to throw that out. Soul Spiral is pretty safe for them to pull out at the right range. They also like the slide into throw thing. Watch out for that. But most Roses aren’t brave enough to try that on Gief. Soul Spark comes out really slow. If they misjudge their distance, you have a lot of time to catch them with EX Hand. She’s also pretty bad at dealing with wake up pressure so try to get that knockdown. Also, remember her ultra has a huge invulnerability window on startup. She’ll try to catch your jump ins with that so be on the lookout. Never try to wake up headbutt them when they have ultra. They can just ultra and it will beat you out every time.

Most of the time, I do poorly in matches mostly due to the fact I have little exposure to that character. I have a tough time with Cammy for instance because there aren’t that many Cammy players and the ones that do use her usually are pretty decent. Even if they’re not THAT great, I still get caught with her tricks.


This matchup isn’t really hard at all. Not saying that is impossible to lose but, if Rose gets knocked down 1 time and guesses wrong its pretty much over if she cant get fully accross the screen shes done. Slide throw does beat EX Hand.

I secondary Rose and I can handle Giefs very well. But soon as I get knocked down and eat a cross up combo…its about 75% of her life.

Rose is nothing that Gief should ever worry about. Acception of literally 1 or 2 rose’s. Other than that, if you lose there was some heavy mistakes on Gief’s part.


1 thing i use against slow projectile characters.
they always want to walk behind them. so i wait on lariat till the last second and push forward when i do it. it will catch a few unsuspecting players expecting you to just eat the projectile by that point.
dont see that many roses either so i try to play her like chun,guile(slow projectile characters without Really long limbs). sometimes it works, sometimes not. probably played like 3 times in the last couple months.
thats too bad. i like playing against characters most dont play.


Hey Sev,

Good games last night. I also fell victim to Saqs’ Rose later that night. =[ He has an incredible zoning game and dominates with slide, f+HK, c.FP against close-range jump-ins, and LP Soul Sparks. I can’t believe the range of her forward dash, he got me with forward dash + throw a couple of times.

I didn’t win, but I did notice a few holes in his game that could be exploited. I just was too behind to properly capitalize on all of them. Against LP Soul Sparks, focus absorbing into backdash then empty LP Green Hand into Lariat/SPD mixup should work. J.MK doesn’t work very well unfortunately, because he likes to follow behind his Soul Sparks so closely. You can’t reliably EX Green Hand through the Soul Spark to hit him, because he’s always blocking and creeping up slowly then reverting to block, though it does occasionally work. I still haven’t found a way to reliably beat Rose’s j.HP which stuffs even crouching Lariat clean, as well as any other air-to-air options.

On a knockdown, there’s really very little you can do. Crossups get eaten by the air throw. If you don’t cross him up, he’ll backdash on wakeup. I suppose with new option select info we can take advantage of the backdash on wakeup, but there needs to be an alternative for when he inevitably adapts.

I think we can rename this to the “Collaboration: Zangief vs Saqs” thread =)