vs. Ryu

I searched the forum and didn’t find any threads that offered a lot of info. on matchups against Ryu so figured I’d start a thread on it. One of my friends is a Ryu user, only switching to either Akuma or Ken from time to time…both I can handle since he doesn’t practice with them as much. Ryu deals a fair amount of damage and due to Yang’s low stamina it doesn’t take much to beat him in terms of hits. I can come out with a few wins, but he usually wins the majority; the main problem I have is getting in close. I rarely use dive kicks (for fear of shoryukens) unless I know he isn’t expecting them and even then I usually go for a roundhouse divekick on wake up for the chance at a cross up, or a forward divekick/roundhouse divekick to land infront when he may be looking to parry. I also try to inch forward and get in with a few pokes like c.rh and sometimes s.fp which sometimes works yet it seems Ryu has a lot more reach in terms of crouching attacks; having said that, if I ever get knocked down the guy is always right on top of me with crouching attacks which usually just forces me to block. I’m just wondering if anyone can offer some advice on how to take on a Ryu player :tup:

Don’t Dive as much, Just jumping in works wonders to bait shoryus. Jump straight up mid screen a couple times and see what he does. I actually don’t like this matchup as well because ryu just does too much damage and has lots of confirms and overheads. Ryu also has lots of options to end you with out even using super.

Treat this match like ken, except you have less to worry about. Yang controls the space around the screen better than Ryu can. So don’t give him any openings and don’t stay in the corner for long.

Thanks for the tips :tup:; I’ll probably play against my friend in a few days so I’ll try to cut out some of the dive kicks and instead go with trying to bait shoryukens. I really think that my main problem is not playing enough deffense. If I get a knockdown I always try to get on top of him and go on the offensive with slashes and various pokes and sometimes he’ll parry something or do something to stop my momentum and I’ll end up losing a fair amount of health or either be forced to block.

Thanks again for the suggestions though, I’ll try playing a lot more cautiously and cut out some of the dive kicks, will probably try to play a more deffensive game as well.

Edit: I’ve been taking time to watch some Yang vs. Ryu match videos on YouTube and, though I haven’t found a mass amount of stuff, I have found some useful videos. It seems that most of the Yang players just try to play aggressively and stay on Ryu forcing him to play deffensively by using pokes, staying on top of him when he’s knocked down, and always looking for a c.forward to connect to link into slashes.

Should I be trying to play that way or is it best for Yang to stay deffensive and force the opponent to screw up by baiting a lot of stuff? I’ll also throw in a random video I found:


After thinking about the matches I’ve had against Ryu, my main problem is still finding ways to get in without leaving myself open for obvious counter attacks.

Well you need to rush Ryu. He isn’t Ken you know?

Understand that part of Yang’s stuff is baiting so you can just stuff it with ex slashes. At the same time though you need to rush as well. I’ve never seen a 100% defensive Yang before win consistantly.

Thing is against Ryu, you don’t get knocked down. If you do, he can start his throw/combo games on you. You can control space better than him though, so use that to your advantage. Get working slash pressure on him, and he’ll go down fast, because there isn’t really anything he can do about that unlike that other guy with they jab shoryu of justice.

Don’t run into cr. mk either, but at least in this match you don’t get really hurt for it either, but don’t run into it since it can and has been know to shut Yang down.

I think that’s all I can chip in, you should come to the Anderson tournament though next month, I’ll be there, better to have two Yangs than one right?

That answered a lot of questions I had about the matchup; I was wondering if 100% defense would work or not, but I guess it’s best to keep pressure on the best I can. I’ve been working on my mix-up game, learning different hit confirms for the slashes and different ways to approach certain scenarios like how to approach someone on knock down, etc. I am also working on using normal slashes as pokes kind of like Roshihikara does in some of his matches.

I’m getting together with the guy I usually play against either tomorrow or maybe two days from now, so I’ll try all the advice you guys have given me and will post back to let you all know how I did :tup:.

As for the Anderson tournament, I’m already registered :wgrin: so you can expect the force of at least two Yang players to be there :lol:.

Thanks for all the advice!

I’m not much of a yang player, i play more yun, but they have similar properties so I’ll put my 2 cents in.

One thing I believe the yang player should have done in the vid you posted is use his command throw more. countless times he dove kick like 4x+, if he used a short dive to avoid hitting ryu and command grabbed, he could have been more efficient.

Yes, Ryu’s fierce shoryuken is something to worry about… its stuffing properties are incredible, but IMHO a good ryu won’t throw one out too often, even when under dive kick pressure. This is b/c a yun/yang can repeat dive kicks, until they anticipate a shoryuken, and then just normal jump bait it, parry it, and proceed to punish. If they don’t shoryuken, I just dive kick one or two more times, and then normal jump again. Rinse and Repeat. The only problem is when they decide to shoryuken on the first dive kick i throw out… If this is the case, get some spacing and throw a few short dives out, nowhere near him. If you manage to bait a shoryuken great, if not, you can most likely proceed to dive kick into him.
These are the typical methods of pressure/baiting I use when playing against a character with a DP.
With Yang you could fake a dive kick to land right in front of them, and immediately do a c.lk > slash, since 1 slash is safe. kinda like hit confirming yun’s c.lk > c.lk > dive punch.

Yang is built to be an offensive character, with his aerial attacks/combos, teleport, command grab, block strings, and a great EX move. So you won’t/shouldn’t find any yang that plays too defensively. He controls the pace of the match, and use that to your advantage.

All in all, use block strings to force ryu on the defense, stay on top of him with dive kicks (mix it up with normal jumps and whiffing ones to keep him from throwing a DP), and utilize your command grab.

This match is in Yang’s favor. IMHO.

Oh yea, make sure you use your bar freely, unless you’re using SAIII and are good with unblockable setups… SAII is pretty garbage besides the fact that you get 2 stocks.

My blunt opinions:

That video is terrible. Do not watch it if you want to learn how to play Yang v Ryu or use Yang in general. Both of those players had relatively vague ideas on how to use their characters.

That Yang was absolutely terrified to burn his bar. What the fuck is Ryu going to do if he blocks the first EX slash? NOTHING. He can’t do shit AT ALL.

This Yang also has no idea on what he can punish. He blocks a point blank c.rh and does nothing. He blocks a point blank low forward xx regular hado and tries to THROW.

He dive kicks over and over and OVER and when it does connect he does nothing but… dive kick again. He also likes to abuse jump forward but gets parried a significant amount of time. Tch.

The Ryu played almost the same way, jesus christ.

God, don’t use anything from that video.

Keeping Ryu in the corner is a lot easier than keeping Ken in. If he tries jumping over you, walk under him a little and go for a launch. His crossup isn’t nearly as good as Kens, so you can get away with this a lot. Walk up far s.forward is better on him than Ken. Ryu’s crouching hitbox is fatter, so he hits him a lot easier. However, if you get parried at max range, a meterless Ryu can punish you harder than a meterless Ken can [at most Ken can get a c.rh or something, while Ryu gets a c.forward xx tatsu].

Use your bar when you have too much of it. Sitting on 2 bars does absolutely nothing but make you look stupid when you miss adding extra damage to a hit you land.

Whiffing divekicks into c.short or command throws are fine when done sparingly. If you do it too often, a smart Ryu player will beat your ass with a forward parry + s.fierce. If you whiff, you get punched. If you hit, you get parried then punched. If he misses the parry, the s.fierce is probably coming out anyways and will hit you if you try to rejump.

If he’s really paying attention, that’ll probably turn into a parry -> s.fierce -> ex bounce kick -> tatsu. That’s almost half your life right there. If anything learn how to play Yangs ground game and just punish Ryu if he does anything stupid/unsafe. A lot of Ryu’s do things like: Tick short/jab/whatever, then walk forward walk back and try to make you whiff a throw and poke you with s.forward. If you catch your opp doing it over and over again, chance a parry and knock him down.

Obviously if he’s mixing it up you’re going to pay if you guess wrong, but that’s how it is.

If your opp likes to shoryu all the time, just jump parry.

This is basically a game of conditioning. Condition your opponent not to do so and so, and the game is done.

Also, to guy above my post: Seiei enbu is character specific, and has no unblockable setups. Also SA2, while not the greatest super for its length, has several uses. Against Ryu in particular, it makes it extremely difficult to land a knockdown denjin on Yang. Just mash the super and it’ll go under.

Cool… I’m learning from this too ^^

Edit: Ok I’ll tone it down a bit. This vid is really, really bad STILL. Even after watching it the 2nd time. Don’t watch this.

:lol: I understand why the video is bad; was just using that as an example of staying on Ryu, not as a video to take advice from. Anyway, I do appreciate all your suggestions as well DeadEye and will be putting all of it to use tomorrow and will post an update on how I did.

You did target one thing I was doing excessively which is whiffing dive kicks and trying to go for a c.forward into slashes/EX slashes which I really need to tone down a lot. I was beginning to get parried when I went for the divekick and, like you said, was punished for it.

I’ve been going back and watching some videos of the matches we’ve had that I saved on my memory card and looking for patterns (I would post some up but I don’t have a video camera to record them) and I’ve really noticed that he has a few predictable combos he does given he gets a parried divekick or will attempt to do on wake up or to apply pressure. He does like to go for a shoryuken if I’m trying to jump in, mainly if he notices a divekick, but I divekick more than I normally jump so that’s one of my main points I’ll be looking to fix. I’m almost 95% sure I can bait a shoryuken on wake up if I can score a knock down; just stand next to him, jump up and parry if he goes for it.

Anyway, I’m beginning to ramble, lol, but I really have a lot of ideas as to what to do tomorrow when we play some matches. I really do appreciate all the advice everyone has offered :tup: thanks for everything.

Well, looks like I still need practice in this matchup; after about 4 hours of non-stop playing I was at about 33% wins of the total matches we had so apparantly I need a lot more practice. I did bait a good many shoryukens and parried most of them, and almost every match was very close, but I still lost the majority of the matches so I’m not pleased with myself. All the advice given in this thread did pay off a lot and I appreciate it all, I just need to practice more myself.