Vs Sagat c.fierce

What normals does bison have to play footsies with sagat? Mostly against his c.fierce…?

I have trouble when good Bison players walk back and forth and use far s.MP on me. When I think it’s safe to let go of low block and walk forward myself (thinking that Bison isn’t charged), I always get hit by some random scissors kick for no reason.

My random scissor kicks get beat by random low fierces. I play bison without rc… I just want normals to use against sagat… I guess far s.mp is the best thing to use… but it seems its about the same if not shorter than sagats c.fierce… and like 1 billionth the damage

walk back, wait for the random low fierce to whiff, punish with scissors into CC. If you don’t have meter, punishing whiffs with psycho crushers is stupid easy.

How do you stop sagat from walking you into the corner while maintaining charge?

I played my friend yesterday, all he did was play scrub tactics, C.hp all over the place/s.lp x3, throw. All i did was try to counter his shit but i guess when he did block my psycho crushers he punished it. I guess i should practice Sagat doing C.hps and try to counter that shit.

Bisons fierce > Sagat’s c. fierce

Here’s what I do:

First of all, don’t get cornered because you need defensive spacing to make this tactic work. When you see Sagat coming in to poke you with a c. fierce, you just walk back so you’re a bit out of his range, but still within the range where he is tempted to attack, and throw out a c. fierce. It will 75% of the time beat Sagat’s c. fierce clean, and in the worst case scenario, trade. But here is the real beauty of this tactc. If you buffer the Super Psycho Crusher motion everytime you press fierce (in anticipation of a Sagat c. fierce), the super will combo ONLY when you stuff Sagat. This is basically like any other option select. If you play 3S, this is essentially like Dudley’s option select rh cancelled into EX MGB.

EDIT: This tactic works really well with Bison’s kick ass walking speed.