VS Scorpion



I have the toughest time fighting this guy mainly because of hellfire. I can no longer just block, tech, and punish scrubs because of this. How do you get around this?




But Scorpion has his teleport move that could hit you even if you jump. I played against players that uses Scorpion and I have problems getting around him. Scorpion has his hellfire move to use against players who block because Scorpion has his teleport move that leads players to block a lot. Even I have problems getting around Scorpion with Jade.


EX Glow, if your far push in with the shadow kick and combo after. You have to make Scorpion fear the glow, then he becomes the reckless pain in the ass he is. Then is nothing but bait and counter.


If you bait it, you can EX df4. Hell fire wiffs so badly that if you jump, whether he teleports right after or not, you will either A: Hit the ground and be able to block allowing you to punish him. B: Wiff punish after you jip. Or C: X-ray. Her’s goes across the country anyway. You should not be having problems with a terrible move like this, ever. It is not even viable unless used for mind games or resets.