Vs. Series... Re-release?

So I’m asking this because on PS2, we saw a 3S/HSF and Alpha bundle… Why is it that after PSX/Saturn/DC, we didn’t see anything from CotA through MvC1? Was it too much to ask for Capcom to release a collection with these titles? XSF, MSH, and MvC all have decent followings still.

Am I asking for something unreasonable? A collection for PSN/XBL? Has nobody else desired to play XSF ever again? or MvC?

Not even an HD or whatever remake… just something to play these classic games…

go on ggpo

as far as the vs series goes, thats up to marvel IIRC

Ahh… Lame.

I would use GGPO, but I hate having to fuck around with cheats to have a pseudo training mode and such.

F9 (load state) and F10 (save state) are difficult to use? Seems to work fairly well for not only myself but a fair amount of the world.

Lately, it seems that Capcom has stopped doing collections. From what I’ve heard from Seth and Sven, they’d rather release a single game and build the community/playerbase around it rather than release multiple games and split the playerbase.

or infinite life p2/ and time…

It’s also problematic for where my computer is… my desk chair isn’t exactly comfortable for gaming… I want something in my living room, dammit.

@D3v, that makes sense.

I have HDMI from my video card to my TV. GGPO on the couch. Stop making excuses. You are either going to man up and play on ggpo or drown in your own tears.

i dont have the load states for training mode :frowning: i just repeat on p2. feelsbadman

Build full meter or whatever you want. F10 (save state) then load the state with F9. Simple.

lol GGPO is great for dedicated players but you guys gotta understand it’s some common sense solution the way you’re putting it. A Marvel Vs collection would bring a lot of people to the fold, and give fans some of their fave fighters on console. A collection is a good cause, provided Marvel is down. No HD or online play for a speedy, launch. Or we could have online play but wait a bit. And as per Capcom’s track record, the collection may use roll-back/GGPO as well. Pretty easy money for Capcom.

But this seems like something they have done a long time ago. More likely they’ll return individually on PSN with no online mode. Take the little victories…

No offense to that idea, but I wouldn’t pay $15 for one of them… I would pay $30 for all of them.

I’m just reiterating a current trend. SFA3 dropped on PSN. SFA3… alone. That, to me, was kinda meh. Collection or bust.

Though, wasn’t that the PSX version?

Not sure, though I can see why that would be the case. Doesn’t make it any less lame.