Vs. series versions

I want to make some cabinets with games form marvel super heroes to marvel vs capcom, but what versions should i use? there’s US, Europe, Brazilian, another US, another Europe :sweat:, wich are or were the tourney versions?.. each version is different from each other, there must be one that is the most played…


MSH Japan only has Anita and bosses via code, but I think they’re pretty hard to select. You might not care about it.
MSH vs SF, only Japan has Norimaro. Unless you get a phoenixed board that has a Japanese region on it, you won’t get him.
XvSF version 2 seems to be tournament preferred, which is 961004, but I’m not sure how to tell that from the board alone (date is on the boot screen).

Some questions…will these all be separate, dedicated cabs you have running at the same time? Or will it be where you swap the games back and forth? Are you aware of the suicide batteries that all CPS2 games have (unless you buy phoenixed version)?

Japan, US and Euro boards can all use the “green” or “blue” motherboard. Asia needs it’s own (gray), and I believe South America needs it’s own (orange). You’re probably best off just getting US/Euro with the exception of MSHvSF.