vs. storm

Many people think that storm can easily kill thanos, but thats not true. For storm to kill she needs to be close, and this is a bad idea. Giving thanos a chance to do some damage is bad. Storm doesn’t have alot of stamina, and Thanos’ combos can do alot of damage quickly. If storm is just throwing whirlwinds and ice storms just block let her waste her supers . After that she might go to runaway storm and thats good. One thing you must get used to is storm is very quick and can be very confusing at the same time. Make sure you know her infinites and any cross-ups. From my experience the opponent just has to mess up two times and thats it. Thanos has a easy combo that takes off 51%, so he just has to do it two times. this is on a damage level two.

      Now all you need to worry about is rushdown storm. my experience is that if you can control storm's rushdown i noticed that they will go to run-away storm very quickly. after a big damaging combo on storm it will less likely for them to try to rundown again. Here's how you do it, you absolutely have to stop her from tri-jumping near you. try to push block storm everytime she touches you, but don't try to push block the assists. She'll try to jump behind you, just everytime she jumps you have to jump to block her from going behind you. I know sometimes this is impossible due to assists. This is why storm wins over thanos. An easy way to get damage is just psylocke anti-air type then do a gauntlet power. now you have to worry about storm trying to launch you, by just rushing in. Sometimes the opponent will bring in an assist and while you are blocking try to tri-jump or hit you low. You have to be aware how you are blocking. If you have psylocke you are in good shape. just use her wisely if you are able try to throw a roundhouse bubble trap. if you get her in the bubble make her pay, a gauntlet space in to a proton cannon does about 80% so there you go. 
    rushing down storm, this can be very hard and unrewarding. storm has assist that can help her out always. depending on the opponent your playing most likely they always pick top-tiers "front runners." if you try to run and jump in she'll just do a standing roundhouse, the thing is keep doing it. finally she uses her assist. Block it then if she tries to hit you push block, then do your assist then run in and throw her or get in a combo. thats about it, if she doesn't roll she is in a world of hurt. after the throw in the corner either you can do a: standing roundhouse, be flashly and jump up do a knee bash(D+roundhouse), or if you got your assist back a roundhouse plus psylocke's assist then bubble trap. if she gets out of the throw do psylocke's assist then bubble trap you might get her trying to hit right after she escapes the throw. keeping pressure on storm is just the main idea when play against her. when running in she might do a standing roundhouse and if you stop right before she hits you and do a fierce titan crush then gauntlet power. You should do be able to hold your own.

Thanos cannot beat Storm. From READY…FIGHT, call AAA and typhoon xx hail. Then hold up-back. THANOS IS 0WNED.

thanos can get to storm, his infinite run comes in handy in this situation. all you need to do is back her in the corner and thats it. with the help of assists and push blocking thanos is able to get to storm.

You don’t get it.


If Storm (or ANYONE) holds up-back and they have any sort of lead on Thanos, they have just made themselves invincible.

when storm is holding U/B she can block right?

The next time you play anyone, have them chip you and tell them to run. After they chip you for a little bit, tell them to keep running and jumping up back.

Now lose.

Thanos is one of the worst characters in the game and you will never win against somone who knows he can’t airthrow. Have fun:D

I think I know what he’s thinking. He’s thinking of trying to GB Storm while she jumps back. THAT WON’T WORK. If you get too close and she sees that this is about to happen, she can lightning attack you out of it. Her lead widens, Thanos starts dying faster, and faster, eventually making more and more mistakes, it’s like mismanaging quicksand. Thanos gets owned. I must appologize, but if I could see Thanos getting the lead back vs Storm I wouldn’t have posted here. If she even gets a minor lead [unless the Storm gets real careless or decides to fight and you get lucky] Thanos just dies. Too bad because I would have liked Thanos.

No Air throw means the only serious use for him is as a bridge for a kill DHC team [Storm, Sam-a, Thanos can kill Sentinel from full health with 5 supers outright even if it gets the computer’s additional 30% stamina boost], or MAYBE adding Doom assist to try to compensate for the lack of an air throw through chip [who Storm can destroy easily].

No airthrow Capcom? WTF were you thinking?