Vs Turtle Style

This is just my personal opinion from the amount of Cammy I’ve played in SF4. I was reading on Gamefaqs a couple days ago that Cammy can’t do shit against Turtle players. I found that pretty untrue, so here’s what I had to say on the subject.

I think Cammy can do pretty well with turtle-style players. Against some Ryu turtlers i’ve played in SF4 online, what you do is when you have an EX slot, or whatever the fkn name is for it and you can predict a hadouken coming out, do an EX hooligan combination. Sails right over and grab 'em. If you do it right they’ll still be “frozen” in the hadouken stance when you hit, so they won’t have a chance to crouch.

And her EX spiral arrow, which, by the way, I think Cannon Drill was a much better name for it goes underneath projectiles. Against a turtling Ryu, I just spammed the EX SA, and nailed him every time he went for a fireball.

Cannon Spike is a relatively safe move if blocked. A good thing to do is to always do a LK CS, unless you KNOW you’ll connect with it, in which case do an EX or HK one.

Quick spin knuckle goes through projectiles, not sure about Ryu’s ultra, haven’t tried it yet and the Fierce Standing punch and Crouching Fierce are great snuffs.

That’s good for Ryu and Ken players, anyway.

As for the turtling Chun-Li players, the big problem is her standard attacks linking together. One hit with those and she’s chaining the attacks. Chun-li has a great poke game, from what I’ve seen. Against a chun-li player, you really gotta wait for that opening and strike. Force it if need be. But it’s hard to really bait a good Turtling Chun player, as they’ll be waiting for an opening as well.

In contining with the above point(s), I’d say a big thing to keep in mind with Cammy is corner pressure. Keep 'em pinned and they’re all yours. At least from what I’ve experienced. Her HPs and C. HK come out fast, so they’re great snuffs, or at least a good trade. But keep them pinned and just chip away. which I find she does fairly well.


Yea, true that man. I’ve been doing pretty much all the things you described and they all work like a charm. Especially the ex hooligan, that move catches them every time I’ve done it online so far. And yea, once you’re close to them, trick the crap out of them and it’s all done.

Also, a few people I’ve played like to keep walking into me when I’m down and try to get a throw, love doing cs->cancel->cs to them :slight_smile:

^ Nice tactic! I’ll have to try that one out sometime. :slight_smile:

Not concerned with turtling shotos and chuns that much…

ideas for turtling guiles and hondas/blankas?

actually, I really need tips on these characters too. I have yet to beat a blanka or honda that plays like that… it really pisses me off! I know you can grab blanka out of the air but that timing is really hard for me to get use to.

Turtling Guiles can be a big of a pain with the down-back charging. You have no idea what to expect. Approach Cautiously. Since you have no projectiles on your side, you’re at a severe disadvantage, since you can’t force them into a block.

What you’ll want to do is play aggressively. Punish sonic booms with the quick spin knuckle. try to use the edge of her fist, if possible. Don’t go in close with it. if you can punish sonic booms, they’ll learn quickly not to use 'em on you. Flash kicks are a whole different thing, though. My biggest guile fights are keeping the fight in the corner. Again, that’s cammy’s biggest strength, corner pressure. keep them there and it’s all locked down. A skilled guile player will be looking for FK opportunities, so be ready to block, then punish with an Ultra or a Cannon Spike.

Don’t forget to use your C. HP for jump-ins. It snuffs most of 'em.

As for blanka, Cannon Spike is your friend against roll attacks. EX is a safer bet because it executes faster. Hooligan Combinations are pretty handy against blanka players, as they tend to do a lot of jumping, I find. Even turtle players will do their fair share, so be ready to punish the jump with EX Hooligans. If you can get it off I recommend a J. HP --> C. MK --> EX Spiral Arrow if you can. Nice little 4 hit combo when it connects. If they’re blocking the MK, don’t go through with it, try to push away. Your biggest trick is trying to get them to roll so you can CS snuff it. Again, C. HP for jump-ins. You have an air throw, but I wouldn’t go for it. When in doubt, just use a LP CS. Especially if they block it, since it’s pretty safe.

That’s about all I have on Blanka. not too many players for him, so when I get the chance i’ll do some matches against him and see what strategies I can come up with.

Guile is going to try to pressure Cammy with c.hk (two hits) in order to bait the SA. If you time the arrow as you normally would, you are going to trade hits with the second hit of the HK…HOWEVER if you time it correctly you can hit between the two hits of the hk allowing you to break up his tactics.

That’s just from the Guile’s I’ve been playing recently.

I think a lot of people just assumed Cammy sucks vs turtles when they first picked up SF4 and realized you can’t hit crouching opponents with the Hooligan grab, as that was her main anti-turtle move in other games.

I’ve been pretty successful against turtles using all the above strategies, especially EX S.Arrows. I find that once you get in on a turtling player, keeping pressure on causes them to panic, though it can be dangerous for you. I usually try to keep close and bait on their wake up, following up with throws or hp -> cs -> FADCb -> Ultra (since they were kind enough to back into a corner for me).

Putting pressure on someone in the corner tends to give great results. Getting the hang of the TK’d DK is a huge help, throwing those out quickly can provide good starters for combos.

Another thing I didn’t see mentioned, if you time the Ultra correctly (right as sonice boom/hadoken comes out) it will go UNDER the projectile and hit the turtle before they recover.

That being said, turtle Guiles and Blankas that know what they’re doing can be a royal pain :frowning:

Good thread.

Yes, I forgot to add that, as well. Thanks for posting that. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Nice strategies/info there, as well, man. :slight_smile:

Actually, we should break this up and get it posted in the strats and match-up’s thread so that all the info for matches is in one place.

Also, be careful on EX S.Arrow in response to a sonic boom, the boom recovers faster than any other projectile in SF4 (AFAIK I could be dead wrong) and there is a good chance he will recover before you get in there. I did one at a little over mid screen and got blocked and stuffed.

^True, that, but usually when a sonic boom is done at close-range a C. HK is followed up. At least in the players I’ve gone up against

It’s still a nifty little trick though, if they’re spamming Sonic Booms and they have very little health left. Cammy’s EX moves have great chip damage.

Great thread. I have a lot of trouble with Cammy vs. defensive players, personally.

I just wanted to add that you can Spin Knuckle through Ryu’s Ultra/Super. In fact, on one occasion, my roommate tried to punish me with one of them after a whiffed Spiral Arrow. I spammed the LP version command during his animation and it popped out right after.

I’ve never had the opportunity to test that out in a match, but that’s really good to know. I thought it might work after seeing Zangief lariat through Ryu’s Ultra.

vs. turtles, mid or low strikes all day, when they get used to it, throw…or regular jump in…they’ll get accustomed blocking the actual jump in and block high. When that happens, hooligan (very similar to jump animation) and they’ll stand and get grabbed

I’m no pro at this game (let alone cammy but shes my main) but it seems that pushing them back into the corner does real well. Against ‘fireballs’ i tried the spin knuckle tactic to go through them but my issue with that is i cant do a HP version since it takes to long going across the screen and end up getting punished before i can get a hit in with the knuckle. But thats most likely to my slowness and my lack of predicting attacks, thought i’d share anyways ^.^

Cammy’s my main, as you can tell from the username.

I find that experienced Balrogs can be tough for Cammy’s.

I think in one of the other thread IparryU said her spin knuckle can go through one of his special punches or all of them, haven’t done it myself to find out.

Does anyone have a good strategy against E. Honda and Dictator? I have a terrible time with Cammy against good Honda players in particular.

Can spiral arrows punish blocked blanka balls and honda headbutts? If so… i’m guessing both the HK and EX versions?

Blanka, yes, RH/HK Spiral Arrow, Super and Ultra beat the Blanka ball. Honda, I’m not sure, but I’m fairly certain that there is no punishment for a headbutt period, let alone Cammy.