vs Vega ???




im having diffcult times beating Vega
specially when he keeps jumping in corners
the problem is that u cant expect what he will do next
and he’s fast that i cant react quickly :shake:

any tip / suggestions ?


learn to spot his crossup dive move and at least block it or slide away. i used to get owned by vegas doing crossup dive as they would spam it all the time, now i pretty much figure most of them will try it anyway. also sometimes they will go into a wall dive after you throw a fire from long range so jumping forward with MP can sometimes stop them jumping off the wall so much.

truth is i still have probs with this one myself sometimes… :frowning:


Don’t toss out random yoga fires, specially if he has EX (or Ultra). Don’t spam cr. HP, as he can easily wall-dive to punish the recovery. Only do so if it’s safe.

MK and LK slides are good against his wall dives. Wait until he has bounced off the screen before sliding and you can punish with st. Fierce. It’s important to do this on reaction, as good Vegas will bait the slide and then punish. From long range neutral jump MP is good too, but in general you shouldn’t be jumping at all in this match.

Vega is an interesting fight because you can actually rush him down as Sim. Sim’s short range pokes (b. LK; b. MK, cr. b.MP and LK slide) are excellent for applying pressure on Vega.

You can also do LK or MK slide under his jump-ins and throw him from behind. b. HK AA will usually trade or lose to his jump-ins, though, as will AA Super (both his j. RH and HP will kick Sim smack in the head). b. MP works a bit better.

Here’s a video of Sabin pwning a japanese Claw player, which hopefully can illustrate how to defuse most of his tricks: