vs Wolverine?

I’ve not had as much trouble against any character or team than I have had against Wolverine. A friend I spar with plays either Wolvie/Cable/Sent and just spams Sent. I play MSS, by the way. I can’t get in on him with anything because of character size being so small, so it basically comes down to me snapping him out until I can take down sent. When he plays any other team, it’s no problem, and it’s kind of embarrassing. :\

So it is just difficult for you because wolvie is hard to hit? Tell your friend to start playing servebot instead!

Problem solved :wink:

Random standing Roundhouse xx whatever vs jumps
Random Hypergravs

I’d give better advice, but I don’t want you to beat Wolverine, so…

why do i keep coming to marvel strat. section :bluu:

I know, anyone with a reputation like yours should be on www.gamefaqs.com.

Well, have you thought about counter picking MSP? His size shouldn’t matter, use sent as a shield and when he rushes in counter. If you are using RP assist the thing with pixies is they sometimes get off hits quick on a sent assist to break the RP from coming out, so I’d pick psy.

But I mean… it’s wolvie, he takes damage like a whore.

What is he doing that is the main problem, rushing you down?

OMG! :rofl:

whats wrong with gamefaqs? its a good site, i go there all the time as well.

My fault for sure

(insert the enemy just spotted you sound in Metal Gear)


dont get mad at me just cause you can’t beat a wolverine at mvc2. yes i have no life what so ever, i go on srk 24/7 so i can be the most popular person to the community.

what a surprise, you remembered some of my old popularity posts, i guess i did accomplish it then, didn’t I? Cause you sure know me and i have no clue who the fuck you are.

anyways, since it seems you really are looking for help, im actually going to help you cause i know how to beat wolverine. With MSS, you should probably start sent against wolverine, fly around and call mag while trying to stop. if he tries to jump at you, fly up back. if you are still having trouble, drop sent and pick ms tron and whore out tron assist. 2-3 tron assists should kill off wolvie and stop capcom at the same time.

anyways, hope you die in a fire and i hope that helps. squash the marvel beef here and leave it to the experts aka dark prince aka cableguy vs smoothviper