Vs Yang matchup




IMO, Yang is Ryu’s second worst matchup second only to Chun.

EX slashes keeps Ryu away.

Flare, what is your opinion on this? =)



imo this matchup is close to even. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “ex slashes keeps Ryu away” since almost any Yang I’ve ever seen or played rarely took a defensive stance.

learning to red parry c.mk x slash is really useful. also don’t use denjin in this matchup


Yang-Ryu has almost always been 6-4, if you just want to go by the numbers. Yang has a sick ground game, but there aren’t any moments of irregular bursts like Chun or Yun(unless you REALLY fucked up). Ryu does have options to stop Yang’s momentum, you just can’t bumrush him like crazy.

P.S.- Denjin sucks in this match. lol


A few years ago it was “Ibuki is Ryu’s worst match-up” so maybe Ryu24 just sucks at the non-denjin matches. :wink: Of course you can still use blockstring denjins, and use the conventional set-ups when Yang has no SA2 stocked, but I don’t like denjin in this match either. It’s always so hard to get the momentum needed for that vs. Yang, for some reason.

If you parry a slash (normal or EX) you can usually just go fierce xx whatever and it will hit him before the next slash comes out. As long as it’s not a “poke slash” at a distance where you’ll get far fierce instead of the close version. I’m reluctant to say much more since this is one of the match-ups where all my experience comes from online (I’ve played a good Yang offline maybe twice) so it’s really hard to red parry low forward xx slash unless I’m certain they’re going to do it. EX is usually easier because players tend to throw out a few of them.

One other minor thing though, anti-air parry > instant DP is sometimes an okay way to deal with non-divekick jump-ins, but personally I think that’s worth doing against everyone with an air target combo.


2nd worst???

Stop smoking crack.


c’mon he’s being semi facetious.

yang is scary. @Flare.
say something :<



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Hmmmm I still stand by what I’ve said.

Maybe Dudley is tougher to fight against than Yang.