Vs. Yang

I am having big troubles with this matchup. I’m eating slashes in the corner all day. I don’t really know when it’s safe to counter poke and/or when to punish him. I can’t counter divekicks aside from the occasional parry > s.LP reset > dash/c.HP. Each time I jump in I get a cl.MK in my face and it usually just ends with me blocking until I die.

I tried searching for Yang matchup specific stuff but nothing came up so I figured I’d create a thread.

Halp! :confused:

This matchup is annoying but it’s not that bad for you just because of the shear dmg difference.

First off if you don’t know the Hayate > SAI link learn it love it. It’s a ridiculous saving grace vs. the twins as it’s an easy way to garuntee half their life.

Also Yangs Short strikes are annoying, but a neat trick to remember is that after his second strike just do a SAI using the piano method and you’ll reversal to hit him no matter what. This is cuz oddly enough there’s a window between the second and third strike where you leave block stun. This means if he ever goes past 1 strike he loses half his life if you have the meter.

You can also punish his final strike of his EX Strikes if he goes that far, but they normally don’t go that far on block.

Jumping in on Yang should be done with a max ranged RH Tsurugi as than he can’t cl. MK you without trading/or losing and you deal a lot more on this trade off. Doing a well spaced j. MK isn’t to bad either. You should be spending most of this match on the ground and really only going into the air to chase him when he jumps away, and yes he will jump away a lot.

Learning to cope with Divekicks is a must. Block most of them just try to parry the predictable one’s into jab reset with VARIOUS mixups. Mix in karakusa and what not or you’ll just get parried if you do the same one to many times.

Nothing else matchup specific i can think of.

Yeah sometimes that’s the only damage I’ll get to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not know this! I was under the impression that you’d have to block two and that he’d not do a third to be able to punish him there.

Oh and another matchup specific thing to add would be to kara Karakusa him if he tech rolls/quick rises, goes for both Yun and Yang.

Why would you go for the 2nd blocked slash against makoto?

parry shit, go for the free combo, guess right two or three times in this match and you pretty much win

I actually think this is a pretty interesting match up because I feel Yang and Makoto are basically the same character, except Yang has more mixup options that are less dangerous, while Makoto has less but are much more dangerous

What SA in particular is he using?

To avoid getting anti-aired with close MK you need to space yourself so that you attack with the tip of your feets.

Yang is one of my favorite matchups just because he can’t really defend himself. He has no high invulnerability moves. Even his super will lose to a throw (or karakusa). Just try to get a knockdown with a sweep or a dash in throw and then you get to start poning him.

Once you get meter the match becomes even more in your favor because Yang has to guess between Karakusa (Good damage, 50% stun) VS crouching LK->LP hayate -> SA1 (50% damage, good stun).

For defensive strategies, just practice parrying dive kicks. Also, once you play against the twins enough you’ll start understanding how much frame advantage they have after their dive kicks just by seeing where they hit you. Example: If you block an HK dive kick to the face then you can pretty much throw Yang before he can do anything.

When Yang knocks you down in the corner he will go for crossup dive kicks, so make sure to block those. AFTER a crossup dive kick many people make the mistake of thinking they can move but in reality they are still in Yang’s pressure string. Don’t try to move unless you really think he’s gonna grab. Instant Air Tsurugi can be really good here for avoiding throw setups and even goes over low attacks.

Learn to block slash pressure strings and try to jump away. Yang will try to stop your jump outs with crouching LK -> slashes.

If you think you can get the timing down, learn to red parry crouching MK->LP Slash. Many Yangs sort of take this for granted as something they can just DO to start up pressure and get free meter, once you red parry it you become very scary vs Yang.

if he abuses divekicks a loooot, meet him in the air with j.hk and then dash in for a mixup…

starting rushdown from a tsurugi makes things easy for me. pay attention to how he reacts after blocking it (if he doesn’t block it, then life is good i guess). he’ll probably mash on c.mk or jump away/backdash, or just sit there… react/anticipate accordingly in the future.

getting command grabbed doesn’t really hurt. it might raise your stun bar a little though. don’t let it fluster you, in any case.

relax on wakeup. guess-parrying against yang is a good way to get killed, unless you’re outside the range where he can mp,lk,ex-slash i guess… in that case i mash on down-parry if i’m feeling confident.

when you’re getting slashed, unless you’re going to reversal SA1, hitting buttons is a good way to get fucked up.
stop mashing !

If you want to learn to Red parry the cr. MK > LP Slash to help there actually is a visual indicator for when you should press forward. If you look closely at him (I look at his far shoulder) you’ll see him lift his arm as he starts going for the strike. The strikes actually hit fairly late in what i’d consider the striking animation but the moment you see him lift his arm like that you can press forward and boom red parry everytime. Hard to do in a match like this imo when your underpressure but i’ve seen it a few times and got a redparry into FP > SAI a couple times. I really don’t go for the parry unless i see it as fishing for parries against yang is going to turn what is fairly dismal dmg into a serious concern VERY quickly.

And [’_’] is so right about the input throw. Yun is scary cuz he can reset you into a 50/50 off it. Yang not nearly as scary as guessing wrong makes you lose at most 15% or so of your life. Yun you get a genei-jin fuckfest.

Great stuff guys, thanks.