Vs. Zangief



ok I can fight top tiers and those guys fairly good, but when someone pulls out the Zangief, I get completely killed. I use C groove, and usually these: Sagat, Blanka, Honda, Guile, Balrog, Bison.

I don’t have trouble stopping throws really, I think there’s something I don’t know about Zangief, but he kills almost all my pokes with his. I don’t understand. :confused:


Okay I don’t play any of your characters but I do play Gief and I’ll tell you certain things to watch out for. If playing E-Honda use the headbutt sparingly and watch out for the PPP lariat cause it kills him pretty easily. If your opponent is C-Gief watch for rolls which are easily punishable if your fast enough. Sagat is great against gief when played as a turtle, but if you plan on jumping around with roundhouse watch for Geif’s jumping fierce cause its kills Sagat, tiger uppercuts work well as a wake-up move, and Sagat’s standing and crouching fierce has great prioirity against him. Blanka’s jumping roundhouse is a good stuffer and with good timing his rolling ball works pretty well but if you see him counter take it easy on the move and try and use blanka’s jump ins as well as his anti airs and just try to keep away. Guile is great against Gief. His crouching roundhouse is great and don’t worry about staying away as long as your hitting crouching lk cause it will stuff him every time he tries to throw and im pretty sure it will stuff his crouching fierce as well as his df+roundhouse. Bison destroys Gief as long as you stay in the air the whole time utilizing his speed, and priority in jumping roundhouse and the headstomp is difficult to counter as well.

Also watch out for Gief’s standing and crouching fierce as well as his df+roundhouse sweep since all have far range and can be used against you while you get up from a fall.

I may have forgotten about some things but those are just some of the things off the top of my head.