VS Zangief



Post your findings, either by video or text.


I stick with U1 on this matchup, cause his EX GH makes your U2 ground pass through him.

Another matchup that I play on downback. Here you can use MK scramble with less worries of getting punished and s.hp/s.hk are your bffs.

Care with the range of c.mk xx lp hands cause Gief will punish you, on block.


God please stop this. Every character sub forum is getting ruined with these threads. WHY!??? why post 44 fucking threads


Cause its waaaaaaay more easier for you to look what you need vs a match up. Where there’s fucking millions of replies with no insight of whatsoever regarding matchups on the “usual” matchup threads! When you have OP’s that create a thread then offer no fucking useful insight or even(!) update the fucking thread.

I hope I have been fucking clear and btw you should learn to read the damned original thread. Now please, if you have nothing to offer on this matchup don’t fuck up the thread up.

Thank you.


Why don’t you just add these posts to the matchup thread and then ask OP to edit it? Why not make 1 thread with your matchup findings? And that’s the dumbest approach to something simple, especially when you literally have a mod who posts often (d3v) who can edit posts. It’s disorganized annoying and you can’t just propose a new idea that no one agreed to and then start clutter shit up. 43 Threads on matchups as opposed to 3 posts? What a daft idea.


Agree agree

Is dumb


Malvadisco you sir, are a hater :b

Yeah I was talking with KitL19 and the information share by everyone could be great but it would turn out horribly.

Thanks for the honest feedback KitL19.


Damn now im a hater



I’m joking xD


nah man this is stupid as fuck and makes the whole sub forum look cluttered.


Isn’t it easier to make 1 matchup thread with spoiler tags for each character? Like every other match up thread in the forum =\


Step 1 would be a new matchup thread as from my recollection the OP for several threads (Ryg) has admitted to not have access to the game.


@d3v do Your magic


Yeah, we already have a match up thread.