VSA Tampa: New Location/Date! USF/Feb. 27th

VSA Tampa 2010

Street Fighter IV

New Location:
Embassy Suites Tampa USF/Busch Gardens
3705 Spectrum Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33612
(813) 977-7066

Schedule: Saturday February 27th
08:00 am ++ Venue Opens
10:00 am ++ Brawl Doubles begin
01:00 pm ++ Street Fighter IV Begins
01:30 pm ++ Brawl Singles begin
05:00 pm ++ Break & Melee warm-up
05:30 pm ++ Melee Doubles begin
08:00 pm ++ Melee Singles begin
11:00 pm ++ Venue closes

Singles $12
Doubles $12 per person
SFIV Singles $12 per person

Bring a set-up and reduce your door fee by $5. Set-ups are on a first come first serve basis, so come early!

Door Fee:

* Register online and your door fee is only $10
* Register at the door and the door fee is $15

Pot Breakdown:

1st 45%
2nd 25%
3rd 17.5%
4th 12.5%

Online registration is not mandatory - Its Highly encouraged
Online registration ends Friday February 12th.

Register Here

ok before the 27th hits. VSA need opinions on adding TvC to the tournament. If you would like to join please give your opinion here and I will give the head of VSA the right judgement on adding the tourney for it. It needs to have quite enough of ppl to be able to host the tourney for TvC.

Yo imma be there for my first tourney!!!

we need opinions cuz we need this tourney alive and runnin.

any1 registering or joining?

too short of a notice in my opinion, but hope you get a good turn out, any TVC love!?!?
come on folks get this HYPE!

it was planned just the VSA head could not post on SRK forums for sum reason or even login. sumthing might have happened to his account so I am trying to do it for him. Sry for the late outcome…

Ok let me get some thing straight.

  1. Will there be Street Fighter 4 singles and doubles?
  2. $12 entry fee per single and $24 per SF4 Team?
  3. Is that all of the fees?
  4. How many setups are you looking to have?
  5. What is VSA?

Sums up what I was going to say.

Also a few red flags-

-No system listed for SFIV (Assume 360?)

-Alot of drama is attached to this tournament on smashboard with date changing and venue changing, etc.

-Another thing is just why are you posting this if your not involved or running this? Why can’t the person/group running this post it? Could make a new account, or was the old one gone for a reason?

-Its a “VSA” tournament but googling vsa and looking at the website: www.vsagaming.com does not have this event listed.

Sorry but with all the tourneys being run that don’t pay out correct pot %, charge hidden fees, and treat players overall poorly, just trying to be careful. Its just a lack of information thats the primary concern. Anything you can clear up would be great, thanks.

Im being honest to heart.

I am going there and it will be on the 27th.

If we have enough ppl we might do Teams.

Primary system is on Xbox 360 but if you bring your set its like a 5 dollar discount from door fee.

There are no hidden fees. There might be teams if ppl suggest it.

Teams will will be $15. $5 per person. (3v3)

Register online and door fee is 5 dollars.

Tournament starts @ 1 PM sharp any1 after will not be able to register.

Register here: http://vsatampa.eventbrite.com/

VSA stands for Virtual Sport Association

I and BronxPuertoRock will be running the tournament.

If TvC is there, I’ll definitely be there. Trying to get a decent Florida TvC scene in time for GAMME in June.

Come on guys, just try TvC! You’ll love it!!

Sorry for the double post, but if TvC is still an option, let us know.

if alot of ppl come for TVC we can host it just bring your set and it wouldnt be a prob I will set it up then

Most of the smashers will probably have TvC and with the amount of Wii’s that’ll be there it’ll most likely be good to go. Sadly I can’t attend.

The reason for the date changing was due to a conflicting Melee tournament called NOOB that managed to pull a lot of the melee players whom would have gone to VSA, thus due to fear of not having much participants (since some of the players whom decided to go to NOOB also play Brawl) they decided to change the event date.

VSA is also known as Florida Gaming and they held Winterfest with the help of GPX Gaming and Jebailey. Results thread can be found here:


Pilgrim & Bronx: Have fun running this thing, i’m not going to make it (work).

few hours of online registration! Be there or be dead!

I registered!

Fahad Gou Hadou

Good Games people!!! It was my first tourney and I didn’t do well cause I was mad nervous BUT it was a experience I needed and I’m happy with my results. Now I need to train better and do better next time around.

I’m guessing it was run well by Bronx, because he is a good guy - it still stands that VSA owes a ton of money to its smash communty which is why we did not return to work with them. I posted the info here on the Promoters to avoid with GPX’s concerns and listed all the issues. I am glad the SRK community was taken care of by Bronx, probably in the same way Jebailey and myself handled it during WinterFest.

I still have my reasons for not wanting to work with this group - I checked with the kids from before, and its still close to 3K that has not been paid out. info is all posted on Bisonopolis’ thread.