VSGC - Versus Grand Championship


Versus Grand Championship is a fresh new type of event starting soon at game versus. This event encourages players to play alternate/sub characters and showcase their skill stretching beyond their main character.

First tournament will be march, 7th at 8pm japan time

  • Every Sunday
  • 1 season includes 8 events (2 months)
  • individual matches/singles
  • each match will consist of 1 person with 3 characters ( 1 person 3 on 3)
  • each event will generate a winner
  • each individual may only include 1 of the 3 power house characters (chun li, yun, ken)
  • characters will be decided and locked the day of the tournament. any changes to your character roster can be made at the following tournament.
  • must keep (or declare?) 1 character (lead character)

This thread is here to post links to the videos, and discuss this series of events.

The Official 3rd Strike Match Vids Thread

3/7 1st VSGC

1st: Vanao (YA/RY/OR)
2nd: MOV (EL/GO/CH)
4th: Shintaro (RY/GO/YU) + Kaeru (HU/AL/DU)

anohito (EL/RY/IB)
marko (DU/AL/YU)
339 (YA/MA/YU)
fugu (EL/UR/OR)
mocchii (ken/ryu/necro)


commentary: Kuroda feat: MOV and Vanao


o h m y f u c k

the diversity in this is gonna be SICK!


Makoto isn’t considered a powerhouse?


Isn’t this a bit like the 1 man 2on2 event MiKaDo used to do?


@theshend yea but I think those were just stand-alone tournaments. Correct me if I’m wrong though. also as you can see this is 3 characters per person and there’s a restriction on which characters you can combine. (Can’t have 2 of the 3 top characters on your roster) This will be a part of a season with a grand champion and winner gets a champion belt (not sure if literal or figurative)

@lance3rd not sure why they decided to choose those 3. in maniax there use to be a rule first season about no chun + yun combo on a team. Kuroda thinks chun and ken are the best characters. a tier list a few years back had mak tied with yun infront of ken. just perspective I guess


reminds me of star cup!


btw glad to see you back @theshend !


I don’t mean to sound like a noob but where is game versus located?? I’m going to tokyo this august and would like to get some games in


Nishinippori station.


Just hit me up if you want to play. I live in Tokyo. :slight_smile:


so watching the archive, and there doesn’t seem to be any information about whose playing and what characters they’ve chosen or what round it is etc. etc.


updated thread.

@deemo im not sure if they intend on uploading a proper video via nicovideo or what. this will be useful for non-japanese speakers in the future. for the time being, i have posted 1st and 2nd place for this first VSGC.


Oh ok so it was just MOV and Vanao who played on Friday?


Deemo check your pm inbox. Thanks




Why can’t the US have nice things?


Because sports fans are also nerds about their sports.


Thanks Yuuki and thanks Deemo.
Marko’s alex! fun stuff! double wakeup sweep!


I’ll update the thread with all the Links to the VGSC series since apparently season 1 is over now?

I stopped posting in this thread since I thought hismit and deemo were on it since they initially kept posting videos for it in the official match video thread but I guess Fran ended up helping out. Thanks.