VSHG / Mad Catz TE FightStick - Need help with decision


Hello all,

I am new to this forum, and hope to be an active member for years to come.

I have a specific conundrum and hope that the experts on this forum will be able to give me some advice as to the best way to proceed.

So without further ado:

I originally started a hunt for an arcade stick for VF5 for PS3, back at launch.

I preordered a VSHG and was lucky enough to be one of the people that got their hands on one (verified OK by the M engraved by SEGA on the back). This stick has been a dream and has served me very well.

Fast forward to SF4 - I was of course eager to play this game with a high quality stick, but had a bit of concern about with mashing the hell out of my somewhat rare VSHG with repeated QCB/ QCF, etc. I feel that VF5 as a game is much easier on stick hardware.

So, I preordered the MadCatz TE Stick.

Finally, today (after Gamestop completely botched my pre-order) I got my hands on the TE. Looks pretty from outside the box. :slight_smile:

I have read extensively the issues with the PCB that appear to be present on both the TE and the lower grade FightStick. I have restrained myself from opening the box in light of this information.

To the point:

**1. **I love my VSHG, and don’t want it to die, so my first question is: Do you guys feel that I am right in saying that it will incur additional wear and tear from its use in SF4? Am I just being paranoid? If this thing dies, are identical parts available through vendors? (i.e. LizardLick)

2. Do you think at this point, given the current manufacturing problems, that I am better off liquidating the FS TE on ebay for the ridiculous amounts of money they are going for? Or is this a reliable and worthwhile stick, even if I have to jump through a few hoops (warranty service, modding, whatever) to get it right?

3. If you recommend that I sell it, what could I get immediately that is comparable in terms of quality? I do really like the feel of the VSHG, so something similar is what I’m after.

Thanks in advance for your help.


  1. It doesn’t matter, as the stick is a JLF, and the buttons are Sanwa OBSF-30’s, which all can be ordered through either LL or Akihabarashop.

  2. Up to you on liquidating it and making some money, or keeping it for a more mod friendly secondary stick, especially artwork etc. Not to mention, the open possibility of putting a Seimitsu LS-32-01 in the TE (not sure on the mounting plate in a VSHG) Personally, I would keep both, but were all different, eh?

  3. The VSHG is amazing. If you sell the TE, the only other out of the box type comparable sticks would be HRAP SA or SE’s.


Thank you very much Imitrex, I’m even more tempted to open it now, but will hold out for a few more responses.

Thank you for taking the time to help me out.


if it were me I would likely sell the TE and rock the VSHG, I dont own the high grade but based on the little time I have spent with it I like it a lot, and there really is no amount of wear you can put it through that cant be easily fixed through new buttons/stick. I would pocket the cash and pick up a cheapo backup/stick for friends.
I personally prefer the understated look of the VSHG to the TE, but artwork or the lack thereof never really was a high priority to me so that is something to consider


Personally for me, I would open it up and add my own little touch to it. A lot of people seem to be cashing up on the current SF IV rush, but I think I would prefer to keep the stick. As far as I know it is meant to be very easy to mod, complete with quick disconnects.

I mean if you would prefer to keep the VSHG in good condition you could even use the TE as your primary stick. Its all personal preference, but I would keep it unless I needed the money. Congrats on getting one!


A stick is made to be used, the micro switches in sanwa parts sustain a lot of wear and tear. There’s no reason to fear using your equipment.

We’re not talking about exotic cars or anything, sticks aren’t that rare or irreplaceable to be scared to use them. If they ever were to have any issues they’re generally easy to repair, especially the VSHG or the TE.


What’s wrong with the PCB of the TE stick?