VSHG MC Cthulhu problem

I just received a MC Cthulhu modded VSHG. When it plug it into the PC, it would “plug” and “unplug” repeatedly (those noises Windows 7 makes), and it tells me the USB device cannot be identified.

Also, it doesn’t work on the PS3 or 360, but it does work for PS2. Ideas?

EDIT: If I hold down “start” and “select” when plugging into PC (trying to update firmwate) it still says device not recognized, but would not plug and unplug repeatedly.

There’s a short/weak connection on the usb data or power line. Check that first to make sure there’s a solid connection.

I’m going to guess that there’s something wrong with the usb cable if it won’t work on the PC and PS3. As for the 360, the MC Cthulhu supports everything but that so it wouldn’t work on your 360 unless it was duel-modded or you have an adapter.

How do I do that?

It’s dual modded with a mad catz fightpad. Is it the cable that might have problems or the soldering?

I’m still new to the modding scene so I couldn’t say for sure. You might want to open your stick up to make sure all your soldered connections look fine.

As for checking the connection to the usb/data line I’m pretty sure you need a multimeter to test them. I’ve never used one before but I know they’re pretty easy to use.

Like I said I’m still a noob so I’m sure someone else will chime in and let you know what to do. Anyways I hope you get everything worked out soon, those VSHG’s really are nice sticks.

most likely the cable. since it’s the easiest fix. i’m say try that before you tear into the internals

I don’t have a spare cable. Gonna need to buy one. Unless there’s a way to test without spares?