VSHG mod

So I finally got my VSHG back, and I want to fix the multiple input fail. I’m looking at the cthulu route right now, just cause it seems the easiest way to go-- but I would love to learn a little more about the sixaxis route (since i could potentially have a wireless stick).

Any VSHG owners out there who’ve made the plunge either way care to advise?

i dont own a VSHG, but many people have done both mods to multiple sticks. There are multiple threads on both routes you want to go. If you want a wireless stick go sixaxis or wired go cthulu. Cost wise the wireless will be more expensive since youll have to source a sixaxis pcb and buy the adapter.
Other than that its about the same amount of work involved to get either mod off the ground.
I vote for wireless

Both are perfectly reasonable mods. The pro of going the cthulhu route is that it will be much easier to play on a PC, the options of other consoles if you get the MC cthulhu, and the easier installation using the existing USB cable. If you go with sixaxis route, you’ll need to rig up a USB jack on the case for recharging and syncing.

Both are doable and many folks have done both has suggested above. Check for various threads in tech talk to get impressions on what they’ll require.

I just did the VSHG mod with the Cthulu. I sucked at just about everything so it took me a bit longer than most people and I never soldered in my life.

Looking back, The only thing you need to do with Daisy chain the 6 buttons and the Start Buttons together and send the wire to one of the ground of the Cthulu,

Pull the wires going to the VSHG main PCB from the the buttons and slide them into their corresponding hole on the Chtulu.

Solder 5 wires on the bottom of the Main PCB where the 5 wires coming from the secondary (R2, L2, select, home) PCB. Send these wires to their corresponding input on the Chtulu, the fifth (black one) going to the ground.

Find a place to Mount the Chtulu (i placed it at the corner on the left had side, where the joystick is.

Thats it.

If you don’t like the soldering option, I imagine you can either A. cut the wires coming from the second PCB and find a way to attach wires to it.

Or B. you cut 4 holes into the plastic and install your own quick disconnect buttons, daisy chain one side to the ground, and wire the other to their corresponding input on the cthulu.

I didn’t go the route of the MC cthulu so I have no idea. I modded mine so that I can once and for all eliminated the 3 button problem. Even though I had the latest release of the VSHG, it still occured in games like SFIV.

Hope that helped.

another way would be to follow this guide http://virtuafighter.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/175874#Post175874 and instead of piggy backing a 360 pcb you would piggyback the cthulhu and just wire the d+/d- from the cthulhu straight to the d+/d- of the vshg usb cable without the need for a dpdt switch. this way you can use the original wiring that comes off the vshg pcb to the buttons/joystick.

hmm so i just sprung for a an AXISdapter from http://www.lizardlickamusements.com/pages/boards.shtml. the tutorial from http://www.instructables.com/id/SXOH5PXFQR1NZ8P/ makes it seem easy enough. not sure how im gonna set up a neat looking USB slot for the mini-USB cord yet tho…

If you don’t mind cutting a 24mm hole somewhere on the side of your VSHG you can put one of these in: NAUSB-B. It’ll give you a clean looking detachable USB cord. Just get another smaller Mini B USB cord to go inside the stick, 12inch should be plenty.

i got my AXISdapter board in the mail a few days ago, and i cannibalized a sixaxis PCB to connect it to already. im stuck now on how exactly to disconnect everything from my VSHG PCB, as everything seems firmly attached (soldered, i suspect), mounting the new AXISdapter+Sixaxis, and setting up an efficient chord port. advice and pics needed!