VSHG owners with custom graphics over their stick?

I finally found one! I was gonna just do a simple vinyl decal over it without peeling the entrie adhesive side off(like the TE sticks, just remove the slippery backing off the edges and around the stick and buttons) so when I need to remove it, it won’t destroy the original top off the surface. Anyway, I want to do one because all my sticks(7+) have custom graphics on it but at the same time, I don’t want to take away from the sleek look so I’m asking any VSHG owners out there to display how awesome their’s look with a custom graphic.

Another reason for adding a decal on top is to protect the surface of the stick and my VSHG will have it’s own identity(usually better because I goto casuals as well), was thinking of keeping the original font on it like my Fighting Stick VX, anyone know what font the VSHG uses? Virtua Fighter font?


Basically, to avoid vinyl adhesive ruining the top plate, you can opt for a plexi on your VSHG and then use normally printed art from Art.

As far as font is concern, yeah, if there’s a Virtua Fighter font, that would be it.

Nice find! The VSHG is already the sexiest retail stick ever produced. Your artwork is awesome, but please reconsider it on such a legendary stick! :smiley:

if you just want to protect the top, get just a plexi and forget about the art.

if you add artwork to it, the vshg owners club (including myself) may come after you

Lol you better watch out, Syn13. .

Agreed with all of the above. The appeal of this stick is that it doesn’t have some dumbass character art on it. Like the Namco it rarely looks better with art. If you do proceed go the plexi route so you aren’t dealing with some crazy decal that the next guy will have to remove.

don’t do it

What you don’t know is that Kyle how has his mouse button hovering over the [S]infract[/S]warn button. He might even ban for defacing such a simple and beautiful stick.

Don’t Worry guys… If i see that Stick in anothing but black… Thumbs will be broken :wink:

Bah fine, it stays black!
Don’t want to be dealing with Jamin actually chasing me down trying to break my thumbs(I need them!).

Do it syn13.
You are known for vinyl.

I could use extra thumbs.
Faster modding for me.

My beef is that too many sticks are understated like the VSHG - which IMHO is just about the classiest stick in existence. Do a color swap on the buttons if you want to give it some flare.

Another reason to keep my thumbs is because my fingers are constantly cut from plastic model kits…it actually makes playing on stick as difficult recently…If there was a place in Toronto that offered actual vinyl dye, I would make all the accessories on the stick one color(stick level addons, OBSF 24/30mm buttons and the smaller buttons).

The stick has been in long storage, had to take some of my cleaner to wipe the thick dust off it and now it’s officially “my personal stick”, everyone else can use my Qanba, TE and FSVX and HRAP3/V3 custom. Did no include my VLX because that’s my in home personal stick haha~

I changed out the buttons and art on my first VSHG. I regret it so much that I sold it. I have since bought 2 perfect VSHG’s and they are both original and will stay that way. I wouldn’t mess with a classic.

Lol this is exactly what I just did. Couldn’t bring myself to cover up the “vshg” text, so I just slapped the plexi on, swapped buttons and called it a day. Check my post in the new stick thread!