Vshg Pcb Change?

Has anyone gone about, changing the PCB in the VSHG yet?

I finally decided to get a VSVG over a HFS3. However after researching, I found that, many backwards compatible PS2 games won’t work with the stick I want.

So it got me thinking. Has anyone done a PS2 PCB change on a VSHG.
This would be ideal, mainly because going to tournaments. Most gamers, still host tournaments on PS2s as opposed to PS3s.

If anyone has any info, has started a tutorial or is willing to start one. Please post whatever you can.

Altenatively, this may sound stupid. Is there a USB to PS2 converter?
Keep in mind I said USB to PS2 and not the other way round.

Thanks in advance.


I haven’t dont it personally, but there is no reason you couldn’t have both a PS3 and another pcb like a dual shock 1 in the box at the same time. Just make sure both are powered and you’ll be fine, but you’ll have two cords hanging out the back of the stick.

I think he meant replace to pcb. to which I say, why? if you’re going to do that might as well get hrap2 or something.

Nah, I really like the VSHG. The layout is very close to those candy cabinets.

But like I said, most players still run games of there PS2s.

So a PCB change is very ideal.

Easy to to, just remove the pcb in it and replace with a wired up dualshock 1 pcb.

hey you stole my idea, i was thinking of buying one and do that to the stick, since i already got one of those 4 player Ps2 to USB things:lovin: and i dont have a ps3:sweat:

First of all, I have never done a stick mod before. So a tutorial or a walkthrough is kinda needed.

Secondly. Why would I use a Dualshock 1 PCB over a Dualshock 2?

Thanks in advance.

most of the information you need can be found in the padhacking thread