VSHG Review on youtube.com

I made a review of Virtua Stick High grade that I bought from play-asia.com on youtube. I made it on to my old youtube account, which I will leave for good and move to my new one, Tabekata.


Feel free to comment and in example tell me if something on my review is incorrect and so on.

Very nice. You are from Europe?

Yup =)


Lucky guess, I’m sure you didn’t look that from my IP or anything!

I live in sweden, but I’m not swedish. I can’t even speak swedish :wonder:

haha dude kickass accent :tup:

i cant wait to get mine tomorrow :lovin:

Woah, you ordered VSHG too? I can say that it’s wisely spent money! At least I could never be more happier.

Been playing Street fighter alpha 3 for 2 days now around 3-4 hours a day … only to practice down-forward-down-forward+P motion, cause I still can’t get it right for some reason, though I am getting better now!

So this stick works as a USB stick too?

Yup, exactly.

As long as your PC has 1 free USB slot, your ready to go and play with it on your PC. Though if you desperately need to use it for Kawaks emulator, I recommend you to get a program called ‘JoyToKey’, which Urth recommended for me.

where in sweden do you live Tabekata?
And what games do you play?


I play Street fighter alpha 3 & Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of superheroes. :angel:

Nice review, very fun to watch!

Also, by your accent, I would have guessed Dutch. o.0