VSing Gold Lightan



Some days ago I fought against a Lightan player. Normally Lightan players haven’t been too much of a problem, but this one was exceptionally good.

Normally Lightan is quite easily beaten with the consistent use of chainsaws, but this one was a very defensive Lightan. Here are some problems I faced in the match-up. I think these problems are handicaps in general when it comes to any PTX vs Lightan match.

Here, I will address some issues that I have had, and provide some theoretical counter to it. It’s all free to discuss.

  • Lightan’s stomp

Lightan’s ground stomp hits all across the screen on grounded opponents. PTX’s guns do not stun Lightan but his stomp does. He can also punish your chainsaw hits if given the opportunity to.

This almost forces PTX to play an aggressive game. PTX’s jump is a bit slow in anticipation of stomps, and if he gets too close, he gets hit by the foot. PTX’s ranged game is hampered, require him to get close to Lightan, which is what Lightan excells at.

I wonder though, is it possible to jump over a stomp, and fire some shots real fast? Is it also possible to alternate fire back in forth (even if lightan does another stomp, there might be a chance that you got the higher end of the trade).

Here’s a really interesting idea though. Since blocking a ground stomp gives you red meter, you can simply fire your guns then baroque just in time to block in incoming ground stomp. Just repeat if he chooses to spam the thing from afar.

  • Riot Tackle issues

A persistent problem in my game against this Lightan is that the riot tackle -> baroque -> follow up (usually launcher, 6M4M, or anything) is somehow no longer really safe against Lightan. Even after I quickly baroqued to avoid the laggy recovery time, I was still hit while attempting another attack. Lightan’s light punches are FAST, and it doesn’t help they reach far.

I suppose the best solution is obvious and to just not be greedy and only use baroque -> block after performing a riot tackle (or any laggy recovery move in general). I tried to do the 6M4M after baroque’ing the riot tackle because 6M4M is arguably PTX’s fastest move, but I still got interrupted by Lightan’s jabs.

  • Turtling

What annoyed me the most about this particular lightan player is that he spent most of the time crouching and blocking. He baroqued out of his battleship breakers (that jumping kick) like a good lightan should. He just knew how to keep himself alive.

I suppose the rapid jabs should work, along with trying to scare him with the overhead chainsaw 6M, while mixing it up with the 6M4M as well, but his reaction time is quick. Throwing is always an option, but that’s not a great one. He knew how to tech them consistently.

This match up is more in Lightan’s favor than some are willing to realize. Here are some important things against fighting him (or fighting any giant for that manner).

  • Chainsaws are great, but should not be abusable. Never use the Hard version Chainsaw outside of combos. Always stick with light or medium preferably. Medium is a bit risky, but it does almost as good damage as the hard and can be followed up with a 2C in corners.

  • If that idea I mentioned above works with the guns, then I think it should definitely be abused.

  • 2B->2C is a combo that seldomly works on most normal characters, but works consistently against giants. It’s something great to consider and keep in mind.

  • J.C covers a lot of range. I’m not sure if lightan can safely poke you out of it, but I’m pretty sure he can’t without being hit.

  • Try to keep a consistent mix-up game. I find that a quick j.C. is one of Lightan’s best overheads and his 6B is important as well. 6B4B and 2B, are fantastic attacks that hit low. 6B4B has fantastic combobility, and his 2B can be canceled into a 6B4B or a 2C just to be safe.

The only people I have troubles facing are other giants ironically. Please share what you think.


Other particularly good moves against lightan you should be using a lot are 5A and 2A in order to try to block the jabs, although this is risky. Lightan’s jump is even worse than your own, so always be buffering a light or mid chainsaw just in case he should ever go airborn, and if he blocks it then that’s when you should baroque because you know he’s going to use an air stomp. J.5C is also pretty hard to punish and comes out very fast.


You must of fought against my Gold Lightan, because your name looks familiar. The only way PTX can beat a stomp happy Lightan player is by baroque canceling frequently into blocking and/or other moves. Golden Pimp slap aka Tank Slice, stomp, and gold crush, are the moves that practically counter PTX40A’s entire moveset. Only Baroque can save you in that match up.


It wasn’t yours unless your IGN is something like mario128 or something.


Mine is Caliber.