Vsync on lags but read this


I’ll get lag from vsync, but if I hit alt+tab for the steam overlay to pop up and then close it, the lag goes away.

I turned off vsync and had no problems, but I would like to wonder why is opening steam overlay fixing it and if there’s a way to fix this problem I would like vsync on(no screen tearing)

I know it’s not laggy, because of my computer specs, cause I can fix it by shift+shift(steam overlay) then closing it and bam, game goes to 60 fps.

I just hate having to do that like 80% of the time I play, so I turned it off until I find a solution.

Can anyone explain why shit+tabbing fixes my problem? Is there another way to fix so I don’t have to do this?


with lag do you mean in offline mode or online warping?


By “lag” do you mean the game lagging behind in fps, or lagging inputs? Big difference. Other than that, the game isn’t optimized at all and uses a ton of stock default options with little to no customization to the engine, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that stupid stuff goes on like this.


Had the same problem
Using a Nvidia card? change this v sync setting to ‘adaptive’ or ‘off’ http://i.imgur.com/xEKSjDH.png . Totally fixed it for me, no more alt tabbing.

Some discussion/fixes also here https://www.reddit.com/r/StreetFighter/comments/4ad17i/pc_framerate_fix/