vt2 setups



all info from finding myself and others on ibuki discord

summary vt2
f hk cc b vt2 f hk command dash/slide
mk mp ex kunai dash vskill b vt2 f hk command dash
vskill charged vt2 dash mp (overhead/cr mk/slide) mk mp ex kunai …
f hk cc m ex kunai vt2 (on bomb explosiin) dash f hkmk cmd dash
mk mp ex kunai walk charge vskill b vt2 f hk instant overhead slide crossup
mk mp kunai vt2 mk mp hk dp b mp command jump kunai …

mk mp ex kunai vskill vt2 b mo walk for or back mk vt2 hit mu mp dp


Good stuff. The EX kunai VTC confirms are good for if you want scummier stuff, but if lower on meter the meterless VTC stuff is better.

I saw Yukadon using c.MP, kunai, VTC, s.MK, HK DP, b+MP then dash forward for 50/50. There’s a spot where you need to land the b+MP so that the dash ambiguously crosses under or fake crosses.


Really? Gotta test that myself xD


meterless mid
… vt2 mk link mkdp walk b mp dash 50/50
(easier for b mp followwith mk dp)
vskill/f hk b vt2 cr hp command jump kunai(timing) shuriken mk mp dp

… ex kunai vskill b vt2 f hk mk command dash shuriken mk mp dp (timing is with mk dash)
cr mp ex kunai b vt2 b mp instant overhead shuriken …
someone was able to get crossup instant from front lol

meterless corner
… vt2 mk link mk dp b mp 2 hits dash 50/50

… ex kunai microstep vskill b vt2 b mp 50/50 cr hp shuriken cr hp …

max meter st hk cc st hk vt2 ex raida shuriken kunai release ex raida

anti air b vt2 ex raida shuriken kunai release ex raida


B+V2’s returning part adds 6 juggle points if you decide to complete as a combo,ground version adds nothing(0).A piece of advice, never use air version unless you use as anti air or punish neutral jump.You can do every same mixup with ground version with better (recovery,combo potential)


the b vt2 is used when it needs to hit in that combo or if it doesnt matter on juggle points :slight_smile:
like in mine f hk hits after so its fine.
in corner you need to hit b vt2 or reset wont be possible.


Hi guys, in this video i share some of my findings and the true power of fuma shuriken,let me know your toughts. ıts dedicated to people says ibuki is dead and her loyalists :slight_smile: