Vtrigger and Vskill as one button

I just got my fightstick and was wondering if you guys find it easier to make Vskill and Vtrigger as just one button for each? It would make sense for input on some combos that involve either one.

personal preference.
i mapped them to a single button to test it out but i am not sure if i will keep it that way or not.

In SF4 I didn’t like mapping button combos because there were actual arcade machines I played on often, and macroing would lead to bad habits like hitting an invisible 7th/8th button if I played at the arcades.

In SFV arcade machines are not going to be an issue. I tried mapping VT to the button to the right of my fierce punch, and it’s comfortable. Mapping VSkill to the bottom right button however, doesn’t feel as intuitive. It’s more out of the way I think, and years of SF4 already got me used to hitting both medium buttons. Moving my hand to the right one more set of buttons feels weird, so mapping VT to my pinky just feels better to me.

If you’re new and learning the fightstick, do whatever feels comfortable. One way will seem right to you first, and so long as it’s accurate, stick with it. Muscle memory and practice will make whichever one you choose feel natural after a while.