***VTYME 3 July 22nd/23rd 2006 Washington DC***

VTYME 3 ? ‘East Coast Elite Gaming Event of the Summer’


–= www.VTYME.com =–

Last year, VTYME2 had over 200 Attendee’s. This year, I expect over 500!


This is a 2 DAY event. Where the finals will be on STAGE in front of hundreds of spectators.

Where: George Mason University
4400 University Drive, MS 5A3
Fairfax, Virginia 22030 *
When: July 22nd and 23rd 2006
Registration Time: * 10am

Venue Fee: $15


GG: Slash
3RD Strike
Street Fighter AE
Tekken 5
Soul Calibur 3
Smash Bros Melee
Halo 2 (TBA)
Entry Fee: $10 Per Game


9am - 11am Registration / Casuals

12 Noon - Soul Calibur 3/ Super Smash Bros.

2 PM - Street Fighter AE

3 PM - Street Fighter 3rd Strike

4 PM - Marvel vs Capcom 2

5 PM - Guilty Gear Slash

6 PM - Capcom vs SNK 2

7 PM - Virtua Fighter 4: EVO / DEAD OR ALIVE 4

8 PM - Tekken 5

12 PM - Student Center Closes



9 AM - Soul Calibur 3

10 AM - Tekken 5

11 AM - Virtua Fighter 4: EVO

12 Noon - Dead Or Alive 4

1 PM - Guilty Gear Slash

2 PM - 3rd Strike

3 PM - Cosplay Contest / Intermission

4 PM - Capcom vs SNK 2

5 PM - Super Smash Bros.

6 PM - Marvel vs Capcom 2

7 PM - Street Fighter AE

9 PM - Student Center Closes

YOU CAN BRING A TV/SYSTEM/GAME to play casuals all day long

I have about 30 or so TVs set up for the tournament. I encourage anyone with space to bring a TV with any system and any games.

I have a TON of space in the student center to spare.

Online Registration is now open!


SAVE TIME!!! When you register online, we will have a dedicated ‘express’ line for attendee’s who are already registered!!!

For hotel and travel info, please visit the official site at www.VTYME.com

More info tomorrow !

I was gonna go, but this is the same date as T7 =. I know empire will be at T7 too, might wanna reconsider date.

We will be bringing Systems, Games, and Tv’s to help out with this event. Not to mention that the final X3O Ticket to Evo 06 Tournament will be held here. Plus GGL Coverage! It will be great Im sure!

So this same tournament will be holding the finals for X30’s ticket to Evo? Sweet. Plus it’s easy to get to from the metro (but I’ll be getting a ride more than likely any ways). Sounds good to me.

easy boycott.

The venue is crazy. I have over 14,000 sq ft.

I’m talking with Valle, and he is interested in coming. Also, Combofiend may come as well.

Marn from Guilty Gear fame, will be coming as well.


No Alpha Anthology = failure

COMBO FIEND posting:

I’m trying to see if I can get the time off from work to make it to this thing. I wonder who’ll show?

I’ll know in two weeks

We (me and another GGL) are going to look into getting some recording equipment flown out for this. Should be good.

Just a couple of notes:

You booked this tournament knowing fully well when T7 was. That’s a slap in the face.

Empire Arcadia is committed to T7

Marneto already committed to T7 as did Flash Metroid and more players continue to support us.

T7 is hosting every game (except SC3/DOA4/H2) on your list except ON ARCADE CABINETS.

Good luck to you, it’s a shame you tried to snake our tournament or I would have thrown full GTASF support to your tournament.

um jin… t7… an george mason campus is a no no…to bitchy about shyt an parking is a hassle…tow city…trust n believe…i work out on campus an they are picky about everything…

good luck…ill be returnin from las vegas an too tired for games.

Aight…let me get this right

First off, I worked at GMU and also a Alumni there; you gave out a mail stop number, not a room number nor a building. Where is the event? Dewberry Hall? Sub 1 or 2?

Also, I worked for Events Management/ Classroom Technology, there are PLENTLY of things you can use are your tournament if you have enough people. I can probably get some stuff that you can’t (I still have CRUCIAL connects there); but you got to come with something better than what you currently presented. Also, your website is in need of a makeover (couldn’t get to shit on there)

Nagata Lock II- Sorry about T7. I already talked to the ppl there, and it seems both of our venues have been secured for months. I doubt both tournaments will be effected too much however.

HATEFUL SMURF- I talked with the ppl at Parking at GMU. They are giving me lot K for attendee’s to park free, and they have giving me a car lot that is near the venue that allows ppl to park for $5.

AcEtUrNeDjOkEr- That booty in your av is retarted. Let me know who that is, also, check PMs.


hell yea im down for this and its not too far away. awesome

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Also, if my memory serves me right…Lot K has been destroyed (They are doing a LOT of construction at Mason, most parking near the center of campus is gone) I can ride up there and see, but i’m pretty sure it is gone. There is a parking deck that is closer, its 7.50 for the full day parking.

Which days got which games? I probably wont make it to both cause of work. Hopefully I’ll be ready to pull out my Yang.

A yo…

even though CB hates the nation of canada, and is reconsidering whether he hates all candians, I must support T7 here.

Jinmaster, r u retarted?

lemme do a quick comparetrast
T7-all jap cabs, all arcade perfect, empire, TGA/Team hate, Weed+canada=good chill time, save money opn exchange rate, duty free liquor, better third strike(than some wack ass cali denjins and elena:arazz: ), mad good dumplings, fob mall!
VTYME- console, halo fags taking all the time and space, to many games and the obvious problems with that, US+weed=shitty, campus sucks, you won’t get a parking space or 50/50 on paying for one, no street fighter main event.

so i’ll some it up like this: canada= better+cheaper partying and playing…drive the extra 4 hours, it’ll be worth it.

Close but no cigar.

Street Fighter is the main event. Im trying very hard to have Valle and Combofiend come over. I already talked with Justin Wong, and he is coming to compete, atleast on sunday.

T7 is a great tournament, however, T7 will have about 100 ppl total, as VTYME will have 500. Last year I had 213 ppl total. This time, with the added support from capcom games, smash, and adding events like anmie,cosplay. VTYME 3 will be an event, much more than a tournament.

VTYME is a 2 day event, with on sunday (day2) the finals wll be played On stage in front of hundreds of spectators.

Again, im not asking players to choose which tournament to go to. If you want to go to T7 go, have fun. VTYME is going to be big regardless.