VTYME/PMJG presents Winter Woes 1/31/10 NoVA c3 results

Thanks everyone for coming out GGs everyone, chillen u were a str8 beast dawg HAHA gawdlike! We only had time to run TvC and peggle but good turnouts and everyones getting good at peggle REAL QUICK haha GYADLIKE

TvC(13 ppl)

  1. Mark G(Gold Lightan) DUDES GOT FUCKIN TRICKS MAN sickest lightan ive seen!
  2. bigazn (Frank West/random) If pete played more than the zombie character going in he mightve had a chance his frank is OFFICIAL tho
  3. chillen (Joe the condor/Karas) you had some effective traps bro little bit more time in training mode you’ll be able to take on the bigazns of the world
  4. slogan (random) he was beasting it with random ive never seen so many loops IN MY LIFE this guys been in training mode HELLA but unfortunately roscoe got sick and he had to take care of irl stuff before he could finish:(

  1. VTYME (karas/batsu) WOW you fucking SUCK V that was a disgraceful performance


  1. slogan(rabbit)
  2. eric v( lucky as FUCK characters apparently)
  3. Pat (LOOLL you lost to him again)




I wanna thank N-Ken, Eric V., Mike(Jinmaster), and C3 Dave for making my monthly weekends that much better.

Special shout outs to N-Ken with the bracket handling, very professional and placed DQ’s when needed.

Special shoutout BOLD NO.52 to chillin taking SF4, even though it’s not listed. Very nice battles in the finals against the snow, but you toughed it out and won the match to play some casuals after the storm. True warrior.

yeah yo. great times @ c3 mangs.

cant believe free got me again in peggle. how i got the dragon back to back against him while he gets the rabbit back to back wasnt pretty.

gs to mark g for coming out of retirement and raping all in tvc. showed some gdlk shit with the big lego guy.

i guess BOLD NO. 52 IS twice as better than BOLD NO. 26.

VTYME is gyadlike

ninja edit: nominated for article.

thread is dead to me -_-

I did however blog your post.

oh lawdy, the trolling.

wtf, where is the sfiv results?

sfiv results

  1. me
  2. jwong
  3. marn

not sure why those 2 showed up when no one else did, but yeah. gg’s justin, rufus is no match for sagat.


wow cmon guys stop trolling

this was a tvc launch event EXCLUSIVE, and we threw a bs peggle side tournament with 3 ppl because v thought he could take pat. there was no sf4 present

aww man if i had a nickel for everytime ive heard that…

fucking speed racing fucks

I didn’t place in Peggle cause Roscoe ate my controller.

Is that you Mark G?

shout outs to FREE!!!

GDLK tourney… didnt start on time as usual but still GDLK. I heard Roscoe was money matching in Roshambo and won only by throwing rock. MIND PHREAK!!!

So when’s the next one? Someone has to stop chillin from winning every single one of these. N-Ken, can you confirm rigging his bracket to hell next monthly?


this event is coming up. prolly the next tourney in the area.

Good shit guys. I couldn’t make it cuz of the snow n shit. I got lazy. You’ll get up there one day inerd. I swear God by the way things are going Daigo will be no match for you soon.

unless Chillen is in the same tournament as him. #26 < #52.


Full results? I’m interested in TvC results, and any vids if available. Thanks!