(Disclaimer: I am a totally, totally new beginner, so I apologize beforehand for the ignorance of the following remarks.)

Really, I mean keepaway, especially in the air.

Something like Trish just floating in the air at super jump height with a Hopscotch below and a Peekaboo in front, shooting Low Voltages at you.

Something like Morrigan floating in the air at super jump height shooting down flight cancelled Soul Fists at you, falling down with jS and then repeating the process over and over again.

Something like Doom floating in the air at super jump height shooting down his finger lasers and beams in flight, coming down with a foot dive right when you think you’ve got him.

Very vulture-like, if you ask me.

What kind of thing can beat something like this? (The only thing that comes to mind is Vajra.)

Or even if Hawkeye is at the opposite corner and shooting arrows at you or something like that? (…Horizontal ground based vultures?)

Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

Spencer’s zip kick
Vajira assist
Most teleports
Various beam hypers
Just blocking, staying as close as possible and dash/jump in with an assist covering you when they are coming down

Stuff like that. Not easy to answer you without knowing what team you are using.

super jump upforwards and then just block all the way in can do you well sometimes.

Dormammu is a character you cannot lame out. If they want to try and sit at any point on the screen for more than maybe a second or so, it’s about an 1/8 of their life gone in one Pillar. If they take that and then have to ride out the chip of the following Pillars on the way down which substantial. Then they probably won’t lame you anymore, but they have to get past your M and L Pillars, Stalking Flares, assists, Flame Carpets and escape teleports. That’s my suggestion, learn Dorm, but hey, it’s very late here so I’m gonna have a sleep.

Dormammu is a good answer for these situations, playing cheap against Dormammu has serious consequences.

Are you willing to micromanage individual parts of the screen? That might make Hawkeye, Trish, Chris,Doctor Strange, and Rocket Raccon usable.
If you want simpler keep-away, you should consider Dormammu, Magneto, Doctor Doom, Deadpool, and Ghost Rider more useful.
Do you want to play strict keep-away, or are you truly interested in using keep-away as filler for when you rush in for a combo? If you want combos, the underlined characters have some really easy yet devastating set-ups and damage. Does anyone have something to add?

I think you missed the point. He doesn’t want to play keep-away characters, he wants to counter them.

There’s a difference between zoning and keep-away, one keep-away character isn’t going to counter another. However, Dormammu can do zoning AND keep-away pretty well. Seriously, if you want to punish at full screen, there isn’t any better option than Dormammu.

Also, if you’re willing to spend the time learning another good character for these situations, I strongly suggest going for Amaterasu, she can reflect projectiles and absorb beams, play rushdown or zone by herself and has hyper combos that cover the entire screen.

Wow. Totally misread that. “Herp-Derp Magneto keep-away Derp.”

To counter Superjump keep-away is largely character specific. Most slower characters (dormammu, trish, ghost rider) are massacred by fast teleporters. (E.x. Wesker, Dante, Deadpool, Rocket Racoon) For spammers (Soul Fists, Deadpool Grenades, Doom) try to rush in and hit them after their last projectile. Teleports help, but aren’t really needed. (E.x. Felicia, Amateratsu, X-23, Wolverine, Magneto)

Who NOT to use: Level 1 Frank West, Iron Fist, Haggar, Tron, Hsien-Ko, Chris.
Anything else? (I swear, if I misread that again…)

3 biggest counters to up-back people or people that just want to stay in the air.

#1. Dormammu. easily the biggest counter especially to up-back trish players. It forces her to come at you and on top of that it pisses them off.
#2. Vajra assist. My personal favorite best assist in the game. Downside is Strider’s health but I think that assist is worth the cost of his hitpoints
#3. Hidden Missiles. Yup there is an onslaught of Dooms out there but that assist alone is part of the reason.

Most people underestimate how strong a good horizontal air projectile is, I run Taskmaster and Magneto and if the opponent’s trying to hang out at the 1 o’clock spot with Trish or someone similar, you can just be patient about it and superjump Aim Master or Disruptor, or really anything; Unibeam, Doom’s j.H (though doesn’t hit at full screen), Piercing Bolt, etc. Akuma can superjump Tatsu, and of course the aforementioned things like Dormammu’s pillar, Vajra assist, Missiles.

Wow, thank you so much for the help! :slight_smile:

As for my team, it’s probably irrelevant because I lost horribly to a vulture keepaway team which lead to my asking this question, so I’ll probably be changing it around, but I want to know all of my options so that I can be as flexible as possible.

Dormammu sounds like a very good idea… a very powerful character in all regards, including the one I’m looking for, so I might try to learn him… is he hard to learn? (Lucky for me, I think I already know Amaterasu to a sufficient level, so that can be a temporary solution.)

Although patience sounds nice too… I’ll DEFINITELY try that one out the next time I play.

Thanks again!

Dormammu is easy as fuck to play. The only thing that may hold you back is yourself and not realizing the dominating force that he is. His air normals, especially his jumping H are outstanding, his teleport is fast and can be used multiple times for mixups, some of his normals destroy projectiles, his launcher sticks out for quite some time and can catch people who aren’t used to it, he has an amazing 8 way air dash and his combos are very basic and heavily damaging, especially when combined with an OTG assist like Wesker’s Samurai Edge. This isn’t even going into his specials and supers, all of which are incredible.

The only “weakness” I’d say Dormammu has is that his Purification and Dark Hole specials tend to have long animations and keep him vulnerable, so if you get predictable with them your opponent could theoretically punish you if they have a point character with a quick teleport. Oh and his walk speed is slow but I can’t even recall the last time I saw Dormammu ever walk.

Plus he’s one of the only two characters who has his own pimp throne - the other of which is Dr. Doom, who is another ridiculously powerful character. Any coincidence?

Play Super Skrull. If they’re just jumping/flying in the air and throwing projectiles METEOR SMASH is your best friend. And then you get a super, into free mixup. =D

Thats not really a weakness. He whiffs any of those he can toss out fireball or Chaotic Flame. All he needs is 1 meter and hes pretty much 100% safe on everything he does.