Vuvuzelas BANNED at EVO, Super SFIV Rule Change, BtM no cameras/ cell phones allowed!

Just a few updates from Evo.

Vuvuzelas are banned at EVO2010. They are the loud horns that are appearing at World Cup soccer matches. Any person in possession of one of these will be immediately ejected from the tournament hall for the week.

We are changing the ultra rule in regards to winning a match. The winner will be allowed to change the ultra, but has to pick his ultra before the loser has to pick theirs. This will not affect a blind pick selection for game 1 of a set. Blind is still character and ultra blind off the bat.

During the Bang the Machine screening, there will be NO CELL PHONES or CAMERAS allowed in the hall. This is a unreleased movie and we are treating it like one. Any person in possession of one of these items will not be admitted. Please leave them in the car or hotel room as we will not be holding on to them for you.


thank fucking god

Question about blind select; is it character, then subsequently ultra, or are they paired?

Also thanks for banning vuvuzelas, I didn’t even think they would be an issue but with the World Cup finals happening the same weekend… yeah.

When blind select is called, p1 must tell judge character and ultra. P2 then picks character and ultra, Judge then says outloud the character P1 and ultra that was told to them.

Justice is served…

I’ve watched most World Cup matches on mute because of those fucking horns. How haven’t they been banned from the stadiums yet?

Nope. they are a part of the South African culture. because of that, i’ll live. i love the football tooooooo much to not watch the games. lol hell i even DVR’d some so i wouldnt miss them @ work.

but lmao @ this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, vuvuzelas are all about HYPE! How could you ban that?

Just imagine the situation where a complete pad underdog hits a game point ultra on Daigo! Noise (read: hype) much? :bgrin:

Why would anyone bring one of those horns to a street fighter tournament? That’s just retarded. But I guess a just in case rules couldn’t hurt.

So winner get to see loser’s character choice for game 2, and then pick their own ultra?

No, the winner has to pick their ultra first so the loser can decide which ultra is better

I do see the justification of banning vuvuzelas, but I do think auto ejection is a bit severe. Couldn’t staff just confiscate the horns.

That being said, for anybody who’s been following the World Cup, you know those horns are too hype. Just sayin’

Unless you “GET HYPE” over a swarm of bees, they are just fucking annoying.

Imagine someone buzzing this annoying sound in your ear, win or lose, or whether or not you are even PLAYING. Not even the World Cup players can stand it.

i bought one over the weekend. that thing is annoying when on the receiving end but when you’re the one blowing the horn its god like annoying funny.

question bout the cameras can i bring a camera in during saturday and put the camera back in the car before btm screening starts? thanks!

:lol: didn’t even know what those were till now. I admit it would be both funny and annoying if someone brought one but I can clearly see why they are banned. :rofl:

Smart choice by Wizard for banning the annoying horns.