vVv Gaming hosting SF4 PS3 tournament


Hey there Street fighter IV fans!

I am Winniee from a well known eSports gaming community called Vision Valory Victory (vVv Gaming).
I am the PS3 Manager on the site and I am looking to for a Street fighter IV … Can I say fighter? To represent vVv Gaming online and offline e.g. LAN Tournaments, Online Tournaments.

Firstly, I was thinking of hosting a Street Fighter IV tournament to bring the community together. First of all I would need to know how many people would be interested in taking part and any rules or obligations you would like to add.
If you think you have an idea you would like to potentially become a part of the vVv Gaming community or team, Please visit www.vVv-Gaming.com.

If you would like to see a Street Fighter IV tournament, Please vote in this thread and let your friends know, The more the better.

Thanks for reading

(Prizes will be decided after the first stage of the tournaments announcement)

MSN: Kyle.Wynn@Hotmail.Co.uK
AIM: vVv Winniee
Gamertag: vVv Winniee
PSN: vVv-Winniee
E-mail: Winniee@vVv-Gaming.com

I don’t know how to make a poll, So is it ok if you comment on whether you would take part so I can write down a personal voting mechanism thing?
Thanks for reading again :slight_smile:


+1 for PS3 online tournaments. Can’t let the XBox people have all the fun.


Written down. Please everybody vote more!