VVVVVV, a really awesome Atari-like game

Found this game out the other day, not sure if anyone else heard about this.
And yeah, the game is actually called “VVVVVV”

[media=youtube]sf06P-_1lkU&feature=related[/media] - Gameplay footage
http://thelettervsixtim.es/ - Download the game

Basically your play as this little dude who can control gravity (somewhat). When hitting Space Bar, you send yourself flying up on the roof, or bringing yourself down to the ground. There are a lot of puzzles worked into this game with this engine, and I got to say it isn’t easy.

Demo lacks a lot of stuff the full game has, so if you can, go ahead and get yourself the full game.
The demo is a lot of fun too, just don’t get too addicted.
Your also looking about 2 - 3 hours of gameplay here, so it’s a nice package.

Oh yeah, and the music is badass.
Chiptunes at it’s best!

These graphics are way too good for the Atari.

And these chiptunes REALLY destroy my ears when I use my bass-heavy headphones.

Game looks fun. I always love a good freeware game.

Im about to download the demo. :tup:

It looks pretty awesome but I don’t think I can handle it. Makes my head spin…

I always sucked at those reversed gravity segments in S3&K =(

What? Can’t tell what you saying is a good thing or not ;p
Music sounds too good on my bass.

Damn, I thought more people would be interested in this game.
This game is too good!

Ah, oh well :frowning:

hahahaha, that’s pretty kool. one of the more random things i’ve seen in a lil bit, but man, might check it out just to see myself fail multiple times :rofl:

Want to make this post, just recently found out.


Basically, it’s a link to VVVVVV the beta version, however you can actually beat the game and get the ending the full version would have.
What makes this the beta is that there is no “challenge modes” and there is a few missing content. I would say about it’s missing only 30% of what the full game has to offer, however this beta actually has an ending.
Take about 2 hours to beat ;p

But it’s not free at all. :lol:

Game’s good. Infuriating, but good.

I spent alot more time laughing at how happy he looks. i dont see myself playing it because to me its like I Wanna Be the Guy minus the megaman shooting.

Honestly, that link I posted it basically the full game.