W.H.O. Calls For Decriminalization Of All Drugs



Selling drugs, I agree, should get you a one way ticket to jail. But simple possession? Gotta go.


I think instead of jail everyone caught with drugs should be sent to a facility where they train you to quit drugs.

Your release time? Whenever the doctors say you’re not gonna do drugs anymore.


Gotta agree with this, people who wanna take drugs are going to get them one way or another, shit governments should wake up already and make the stuff themselves and sell it through chemists. At least this way drug dealers get kicked off the planet and the tax revenue created and go to treatment programs.

Exact same shit as with tobacco.


The general idea is to allow people to do drugs when they want, and if they want. You still teach people about side effects, and how to quit. You just eliminate shit like junkies dying from overdosing on heroin because their dealer doesn’t know what the fuck they are doing.

Exceptions being when drug users affect other people. For instance a heroin addict who robs people to pay for his drugs, would be forced to go through rehab. Similar to how some states have 24/7 monitoring of drug users and drunk drivers, and stats have shown these programs work.

It’s been proven time and time again, the price of drugs has gone WAY down during the war on drugs, and hasn’t actually affected usage rates whatsoever.


drugs should be legalized, but certain privilaged/rights should be revoked when you do certain drugs.


I don’t see this happening in countries like the US where there are private prisons who profit off incarceration. Drug illegality and public health aren’t the reasons why something like marijuana is illegal. Yeah it started out as some ridiculous racist law but clearly the laws in place are centered toward incarceration not rehabilitation. I mean how much of a threat to the community and yourself are you if you have an ounce of weed in your house?

I agree people who traffic hard drugs need to rot in Guantanamo Bay but punishing an addict isnt helping them in the long run, for the most part. Rehab the addicts so they get off the shit and stop doing crimes to get more drugs and get the drug dealers off the fucking streets. Oh and lets end this irrational fear campaign on marijuana where its compared to cocaine and crack

I don’t know what the number is now but I remember reading reported that said 60 - 70% maybe more of street crimes are drug related. So clearly making drugs illegal and the black market it creates is only making things worse…

I mean doesnt Ammsterdamn have more drug users but half the crime or somethimg because of hpw the deal with it?


If Mary Jane is any indicator. Drugs are 100x more potent when it’s not made in secret, but there has never been a recorded death from using marijuana.

Selling drugs is whatever, it’s when you sell to kids is when you should go to jail. If your gonna go to jail for selling then you should go to jail for possession. There is always a new drug popping up so selling drugs will never stop. Black Market is apart of economics.

Best way to stay on top of it is to let people do what they want while guiding them like the man usually does with regulation and taxation, not prohibition.


Why do drugs at all? If someone is a druggie just take them into the happy house until they’re clean.

They’re fighting drugs all wrong, fight with love, love and shock therapy.


People do drugs because they are fun and make life suck less. Remember, drugs are illegal because they work, most of the time extremely well.

I agree on this new stance that countries are finally starting to understand, considering it has been proven to work in pretty much every country that has adopted the decriminalization laws. This is coming from someone who has only done one hard drug in his life, and that was because I was in high school and it was only a single line of coke.

I hope this speeds up the legalization of weed in USA as well, and when it is legalized I hope they abolish the stupid 1 OZ max rule. That rule is stupid, because if you’re going to pick up an ounce that most likely means it’s going to be gone in a week or two anyways. This is why I only pick up in QP increments so it lasts a couple months.


Yea the drug policy in Colorado is pretty lame. But I think as time goes on it will ease up. Having an ounce and 6 plants is ok for now I guess.


I just don’t see why we’re thinking of ways to work around people’s problems when we can try and fix them.


Because it’s not a problem for everyone. I smoke weed regularly and I still get my responsibilities done, I don’t need rehab because you think I have a problem.


Weed we could debate.

I’m talking hard drugs.


You need a person like Reggie in your life:



criminalization of heroin isn’t stopping heroin addicts from overdosing, or stopping, or turning to crime, or educating themselves on the subject. Heroin is getting cheaper and cheaper all the time. Cocaine too.

Switzerland on the other hand is curing addiction by providing safe places to inject and buy heroin, and getting assistance with their addictions.

And not tying up prisons and the courts with petty crimes that don’t really deserve jail time.


Eh…long story short: some countries see drug use Asa. Social issue and intend to help drug users, United States sees it as a criminal issue and incarcerates.

Plenty of arguments for both.




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So not doing drugs means you’re an unhip sperg? I thought it meant I had one less problem.


We’ve been trying to fix problems for decades now.