W00t! Low Tier Revolution!

Hey, it’s me Ultimo - you know… the guy you’ve never heard of?

Anyways, i’m here to ask for some low tiers in video games. You see, I play random fighter games casually with my friends. Unfortunately, these friends talk about tiers NON-STOP…like…DONT CHOOSE KEN/CHUN/YUN IN SF3 THEY’RE CHEAP!!11 I try to tell them that it all depends on the player - when I own their faces with Sean ^^V So i’d like to know about some more “lower tier” characters in different video games. Like Street Fighter 2 Turbo (err…the one with the supers), CvS2 etc…

So if you could hook me up with some characters in games to learn and own my friends for talking trash i’d be grateful, thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm, I’m thinking the name “Dan” applies to at least five or six fighting games, just off the top of my head. After all, isn’t that what Dan is tailor-made for? I can’t think of a worse insult in fighting games than “Dude, you just lost to Dan.”

And if you really want to rub it in their face, try pulling off a Taunting Legend in the heat of combat. Even if you get punished for it (and odds are you will), you might tick your friends off for even having the nerve to attempt it, or at the very least make them drop their stick/pad when they bust out laughing.:wgrin:

In CvS2 play Ratio 4 C-Groove Dan (Unless R-4s are ‘cheap’ in your circle). Try to finish with a level 2 Gadouken canceled in to a super taunt. Best finish ever in any game.

zappa : D?

Well the whole Dan thing works for basically everything he’s in except for Alpha 1. He’s actually pretty damn good in that. My suggestion would be Dan in most SF games, Sean in 3s, a team consisting of people like King, Terry, and Dan in CvS2, and the shoto threesome for Marvel since all three suck royally in comparison to the top tiers. For Super Turbo you could try Guile since he got completely nerfed in Super and ST. He’s not absolute bottom, but he’s at least down to mid tier.

Those are all low tier characters, and while they don’t have the same potential as the top tiers, it’s still very possible to win against experienced players if you know what you’re doing. The hardest game for it will be Marvel though since beating Cable, Sent, and CapCom is going to be extremely tough with the shotos.

XD Okay, so i’ll definitely learn Dan.

@Kryian: That sounds awesome XD But would they die to the gadouken while my super taunt is going off?

Are there other characters I could team up with Dan?

Kyosuke, King, Balrog (boxer)

I play Sean and Zappa :slight_smile:

Terry and Balrog are considered low tier in CvS2??:looney:

I play akuma, cable and cyclops in marvel…means im skimming low tierness i see. Dont care i hate watching 20 millions matches of the same teams over and over in marvel thou sheesh.

No, loosing to Terry is nothing really, It’s all possible for him. Rog gets chomped on, he says “Comeon sandbag” He says that to himself to try and motivate him.

CvS2: Dan, King, Kyosuke
MvC2: Dan, Marrow, Roll
Sf3: Sean, Twelve
ST: Cammy?
GGXX#R:Robo Ky

At my school they talk about tiers too, until I OCV them with Yuri… Or even worse R4-SRyo.

And in MvC2, doesn’t Akuma need like Doom or something to help him?

cvs:r4 Dan in s-groove
3s:pink Sean
SFA series:Dan

i know he’s not low tier,but it’s shingo man…SHINGO.

Use T.Hawk in Super Turbo.

QFT. I’ve never seen anyone actually seriously use T. Hawk. He sucks. Balls.

Chikyuu especially and a few other Japanese players are beastly with T. Hawk.

Uhhhh…no. In #R the robot ky is actually good. For the last #R tier ranking I believe he was a high B or something. Put Robo Ky in slash for a low tier character.

Also, Eddie is STILL GOOD in Slash. He lost some of his super high damage shit since lil’ Eddie doesn’t build guard meter anymore but his pressure game is still sick. Eddie is in no way low tier.

T. hawk is beast from the east.

Zappa’s good if you know how to use him. That being said, good luck. You need it to summon the right ghosts and most beginners find him to be very difficult to play. If you DO know, then he can be very beastly.

I remember reading something about how the Japanese had discovered something with his tick throw properties that made him less shitty than we all thought.

I have seen some pretty good ones though. I play a decent one myself if you give me a stick.

DL some of Cigarbobs EVO vids, or go to CV for some of the ST tourneys, plenty of T Hawks beasting on the top tiers.

I’m pretty sure Zappa was the only GG character with a true infinite.