W2S New Elite 360,and much much more! :D

New X-Box 360 Elite Holiday bundle(Lego Indiana Jones,Kung Fu Panda)-$370

NewGears of War 2 for xbox360-$45

New Gears of War 2 Amazon.com Exclusive Lancer-$100

Combo deal=X360+gow2+lancer=$460

New Nights for the Nintendo Wii-$15

Tekken 5 U.S Hori-$50

X-Box1 Hori Fight Stick EX-$40

PS1 Hori Yellow and Grey-$60

Soul Calibur 2 stick $10

=Prices do not included shipping and US buyers only sorry=

PM sent for SF stick

that hori yellow gray says namco in the pic. which is it? if its the namco, will you do $55 shipped to NY? let me know

How much would the shipping be for this to the Bronx?

Heres the zip code 10453

I’m interested in the New Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA-$115 stick if it’s still on sale.

Of course I can’t send the pm because I don’t have enough posts. Maybe email? :3

Sending you a PM about the SF Anniv. Stick. and Tekken 5 stick…

  • Pete

you know you have to have 100 posts to use this section :lovin:

:|||||||||||||| So does that mean uh I can’t make the OFFER? What if I transferred HALF first assuming that it’s accepted.

Seems like a silly rule for buyers.

I think that rule only applies to 09 members.


Pm’ed For Nights

once again somebody brings up the dumb ass post count for buying shit. it doesnt matter.

free bump and good luck with the sell.

might have to get the t5 hori if its still here in a couple days

New deal,X360+gow2+lancer=$500&shipping

Amput-i sent you my info.

Han-sorry i been slow are you still interested t5 and sfann sticks?

Like someone else asked, is the “Hori PS1 yellow and grey stick” actually the Namco like the pic you posted? Would you provide actual pics of your stick???

also any chances considering international shipping?

people are interested in that yellow namco stick…

jajajaja I can’t even reply pm I guess I better reply THIRTEEN times.

Sent you a pm very interested

Sent PM

Sinep-hori sa2 sent,should get it monday.

Han-sf2 ann sent,should get it Friday/saturday.

Ampute-you still want nights?

I’ll take some pics of stuff for sale by tomorrow.