WA State

Anyone near Seattle?

There has been a growing Street Fighter 4 scene in the Western Washington area. Right now it’s made up of a few melee/brawl players turned Street Fighter along with some Guilty Gear/MvC players turned Street Fighter mixed with the some people who’ve been playing Street Fighter for years.

We recently held a mini tournament and about 19 people entered. The next will be at Gameclucks in Lynnwood and they expect to have people coming from Idaho and Oregon. It should be pretty big, and with a $10 buy in, you are looking at some serious cash (at least serious to broke people like me lol)

Date: April 5

Place: GameClucks Lynnwood

System: Sadly, x-box 360. (although I am working on convincing them to use both PS3 and X-box

More info: http://allisfighter.com/ttournament.aspx?id=5138

I’m down. That very next week is my 21st Birthday, and I took the whole week off from work so I will very likely attend this. Thanks for the heads up man. I’ll talk to my contacts at Penny Arcade and maybe I can get them to order/sponsor a SF4 tournament. I’m confident it will happen if I throw them the idea since I worked at PAX 3 times now as staff so, here’s hoping.