Waba C-C-C-omboBreaker! - Duluth, GA - 8/29 - Monthly - SF4, BB, KOF12, T5DR, SC4

Waba’s ComboBreaker 1 : Monthly Fighting Games Cash Tournament : Aug. 29th, 2009

Waba Game
3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Duluth, GA 30096
Phone: 678-417-9222
E-Mail: wabagames@yahoo.com
Website: www.wabagame.com
MapQuest: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Duluth&state=GA&address=3585+Peachtree+Industrial+Blvd&zipcode=30096
YahooMaps: http://maps.yahoo.com/#mvt=m&lat=34.000226&lon=-84.1685&zoom=17&q1=3585%20peachtree%20industrial%20blvd%20duluth%20ga%2030096

Note: This location is about a 10-15 minute car ride away from the Doraville MARTA train station, something that should not be overlooked. It will be possible to arrange transportation from the train station to the venue.

AUG. 29th, 2009
12:00 pm to 12:00 am

$10 Entry Fee

(PS3/X360) Street Fighter 4 Tournament : $10
(PS3/X360) BlazBlue Tournament : $10
(PS3/X360) King of Fighters 12 Tournament : $5
(PS3) Tekken Dark Resurrection Tournament : $5
(PS3/X360) Soul Calibur 4 Tournament : $5
(N64) Killer Instinct Gold Tournament : $1

70/20/10 pot split for all games.
100% of pot fee goes to winners

General Tournament Rules:
2/3 sets
3/5 for Semi’s, LF, WF
4/7 for GF
Winner must retain same character/team.
Double elimination brackets.

This allows the tournament directors and any other individuals involved to correctly gauge and determine a good estimate on how many people will show up and participate in any given events. You are encouraged to pre-register to make it easier on us. Thanks in advance.

Name "Tag"

Eddie "TooMuchDamage"
Suwanee, GA

More rules and individual start times TBA

(Will edit this as more information comes in)

sign me up.

conyers, GA

SF4, KOF12


Isn’t there another atl tourney the same day?
Whatever…I’ll be here

Josh “Nitrox” Ohana
Atlanta, GA

It was but since this was is posted Iceman, Ricky, and I do not want to split the scene in half on that day. So there won’t be an Atlanta Revival in August.

Why not just do it the week before? More tourneys the better :slight_smile:

Also, for the games it says 360/PS3 …that mean it’s undecided or does that mean players will have to agree one which system or whatever

We’re not trying to compete with one another (at least I thought). Each tournament serves it’s purpose. Like I would never hold an Impact Clash in the same month as Final Round since Final Round already serves that purpose for that month. Not saying Impact Clash is a major on the same level as Final Round but the point is showing respect for other organizers and participants in the scene. You don’t want a half and half tournament.

The same way we don’t need two majors in the same month we don’t need two monthly tournaments in the same city happening on the same day or month. That’s basically competition since more than likely most people won’t want to be double charged and it’s not good for the scene. We are all in this together. Now, we are going to have to come to some kind of compromise in the future concerning future monthlies as it was well known there would be a Revival August 29th and posted in my results thread and in the Waba Weeklies thread yet they still went through with the date and to keep the scene unified myself, and Pokchop cancelled our next event.

Ouch… fuzzy subject
SEB in august aswell
same day scheduling is kind of a toestepper but for someone like me multiple monthlies seem ok!.. more reasons(& opportunities, say if one couldn’t make a certain monthly but could make another possibly) to make the trip up :]

was wanting to attend august revival as well as SEB & this to boot
I mean are the dates set in stone @ this point? i’ll just wait to reg I suppose =
(see you @ SEB tho!)

wow! this is a surprise. well i guess no revival for august. i was looking forward to this for next month. good luck with your tourney bananas


Rizzo "Captain Molasses"
Buford GA
SF4, BB, KoF 12 , SC4 ? (lol why not?)

My most sincere apologies. I’m not on the Revival staff, so I didn’t have a single clue when you guys were throwing it. This date was given to me by Min, and I had no problem with it. I honestly did not see an August 29th anywhere. Mag or Ricky, you should just IM/call me when you get a chance. You didn’t think that we’re trying to compete with each other, and you’re totally correct.

Talk to me. We can work something out.


Ehhh. The more and more I look into it, the more confused I am. I do not see any mention of ANY date in the Revival results thread, nor do I even see a Waba Weeklies thread. I will attempt to be the first person to apologize if I know I’ve wronged someone, but I’m not going to just bend over and let everybody say what they want if I don’t even know what’s going on. Could I please be directed to any indication that the next Revival would be on the 29th of August so that I can realize where I overlooked and thus, made my mistake?

Thanks in advance, and as always, much respect to all tournament directors and everybody else involved in making the scene what it is. No hate, all love :tup:
(And for the people that always like to twist and turn your words: I’m being totally serious. No sarcasm here)

Here’s the Waba weeklies thread where Cool-breeze alerted Min about this. Iceman, Ricky, and myself were working on getting some kind of exclusive team tournament against another state like Tennessee, that is why the thread wasn’t posted yet. Min came into the Waba Weeklies thread and wrote he planned on having a monthly August 29th and Iceman told him that we were doing Revival on that date. Check out the Waba weekly thread. This was written like two days before you made your thread.


This is fucking Comedy.

So Waba/Bananas how do you all plan to get those on bus-line to and from the tournmanet like you all suggested up above sir’s??

I don’t understand how you can post about unity in the community, then just ridicule us when I’ve clearly posted that there is no hostility here, but only a complex web of misunderstandings. I already said very clearly that I’m not trying to compete with Magnicious and Ricky for their monthly, so why post with the very sarcasm you had a problem with before?

With that out of the way, here is what I have gathered so far. We’ve already got a van that can possibly transport anybody to and from MARTA (Doraville station) to the venue on 10-15 minutes rides, and the possibility of a bus that brings them from that very MARTA station to a location less than 5 minutes away from the venue. If it doesn’t work, then fine. I’m not trying to compare this to anything anybody else is going to run a tournament. If people can’t make it because of the location, then fine. I didn’t say anything along the lines of “This is just like a location next to a MARTA train station.” I’m fully aware of the extent of the location and it’s accessibility, so I am attempting to provide alternatives. Lots of people rely on public transportation, sure, but lots of people also are able to provide their own transportation, so it is hard to gauge where the line is on “This doesn’t work” and “This works.” I honestly just wanted to see how the reception was for the idea before I came to my conclusion for transportation methods.

I see it now. I appreciate that you’ve taken some time to point that out. I promise you that I have not even looked at that thread in ages. I wasn’t even aware that people still posted in it. Please understand that I was not aware the 29th was on the same day as your monthly, and I figured that it was a given for Min since he did not mention it to me at all. Also, please consider this. Take into the fact that I was completely unaware of any tournament on that same date. There really was no confirmation of an August 29th date in JUST that thread (key point: just that thread) from what I can read (please correct me if I’m wrong) except for a post from Iceman which brings up the issue. If Min honestly knew that your tournament was on the same day as the one he wanted to throw, he chose to not inform me of this, and I am thus left in the dark about the whole issue while I am constructing my tournament post.

Also, this still doesn’t clear up the situation for me that the Revival results thread had a date attached to it for the next Revival (I checked the thread a good amounts of times to check for results and feedback, with nothing to do with anything else), but that’s honesty not even that important right now. The point is, I need you two, Magnicious and Ricky (since it pertains to you two), to understand that I did not see a single date attached to any future Revival. Thus, any notion that I am trying to create any split in the community is a stupid one. Like I said before, I am willing to work with you two on this. I am even willing to attempt to move the date or cancel the event if you feel you’ve been wronged (please understand I can only use “attempt” as it is not my tournament). I’m trying, like you, to offer the community more, as opposed to less.

Talk to me. Let’s get this settled without the petty hostility. :tup:

I appreciate the good will, sir, but please contact me if you get a chance. I would much rather work together than assume that we are trying to compete with each other over the same community we are trying to serve. :tup:

First of all I asked a simple fucking question and I’m bout sick and tired of you kicking baby words around online but when someone speaks directly to you, you attempt to make it seem like it’s THEM and NOT YOU.

I said my piece in the previous thread BEFORE you even made this thread and I haven’t spoke about SINCE THEN so why are you butt hurt??

I spoke about this situation before you created this thread, before Magnicious asked me to be on his staff, before Waba created a set DATE for it’s monthly!!!

Obviously there is some confusion, misunderstanding BUT it has nothing to do with iceman because I wasn’t on Revival Staff until recently.
I was the one who brought it to whom ever attention in the waba thread, you claim you read threads etc etc, yet it went unnoticed and with no response to either My post, to Magnicious in PM’s or Pokchop for that matter.
Magnicious had to post the link, so either you or he over looked it, didn’t check the threads as you claim or…

Real talk dude I was asking a serious question, from the very first time we saw Waba post a thread the very 1st thing we mentioned was “How would everyone get there”, this question makes it no different from day one, don’t get butt hurt because NOW you have your name attached to this tournament so your emotions are a bit more involved.

The major issue is why are you all hosting yet ANOTHER monthly in the first place??

You got the gull to attack me about unity YET you not making this business decision for the better or empowerment of OUR SCENE.

[COLOR=“Red”]1st. With this idea Waba weeklies alone does not host enough numbers on a consistent basis, less than 15 individuals normally, so business wise is it even smart for them to EXPAND to hosting a monthly tournament with already low number?

2nd. We already have monthlies that people can barely get too whether its work issues or money woes, how can ATL really afford 2 monthlies??

3rd. Hosting a monthly at the very same location you host your weeklies, wow is that really a smart business move?? Look at it from the scenes point of view.

4th. So wait you hosting a new monthly, the very same month as the next ATL major (SEB), at the very same location as the said major, once again money woes, look at it from the scenes point of view

5th. If we host two monthlies here, along with the weeklies, how do we leave enough room to attend out of state tournaments??
Like where is the spacing we need to branch out and really test our skill, we can’t continue to battle each other on home soil.

6th. You know Magnicious personally, you mean to tell me you didn’t know he was going to host a monthly… or you just didn’t care??

7th. Instead of helping what we already have on the table, which you told magnicious at one if not more than one tournament you would be willing to help him.
Rather than posting in the Ga Thread you want to host Monthlies of your own why not help him cover his faults, instead of making it into a competition, because reality and actions speak for themselves, in the end ATL cannot afford 2 Monthlies, we may want it but we cannot afford it and attempting to throw one whether it was your idea or the waba owners idea, presents the question of “Tournament Organizing Competition” because you are doing it representing the very same City (ATL) you are also doing it in the territory of another already established tournament organizer.

8th. What it looks like is what it looks like bro’ these are the things I thought about when I was organizing, this is how I never stepped on RTD’s toes along the way, or Larry’s, looking at the big picture this all went down directly after Atlanta Revival, you can’t tell me and those whom attended revival, magnicious or Ricky there is no malciousness involved bra’ and if you think that you must really got your head up your ass.

Hey, here’s a thought for you, even though the issue involves Mag & Ricky primarily, and attempting to prove anything to you still leaves me in the same spot:

Why does it matter to you so much to the point where you will create hostility that is not there? Just to amuse you, I’ll play your game.

  1. Hey, if a location wants to throw a monthly, why impede their progress? If failure is inevitable, just let them fail to learn their lesson. You’ve given your word of advice, and that’s all you or anybody else can really offer from a third point of view, right? Holding somebody’s hand through something was never a worse idea.

  2. Can ATL afford two monthlies? Some can and some can’t. The ones that can and want to will make it. Isn’t that all we can expect from the community anyway?

  3. If you take your head out of your ass, you’d see it from more than just one bad point of view, which is yours only, not the entire scene’s. Have you considered that it would make itself apparent that it would be a bad move the day of the tournament, when nobody would show up because it was a bad idea? You’re not helping convince anybody of anything.

  4. How is it important that I am trying to throw a monthly close to SEB? If I didn’t announce ComboBreaker, there would have been a Revival on the same date.

  5. I understand your point here, but I don’t see how it applies. If we fail, then we fail. We have to try to succeed though. There are an equal amount of people who would agree with you and disagree with you. Not everybody attends the same tournaments we do. In my share of Waba weeklies, I’ve seen many new faces that want a tournament at a venue they are familiar with. These are the same people who may not be comfortable traveling outside their comfort zone and thus, don’t attend the same tournaments we do.

  6. Again, if you would take your head out of your ass, you would see that you’re making some very far fetched accusations. I’ve already said I didn’t know the date. Now either shut the fuck up and deal with it, or go out of your way (again) to prove that I must have known the date and am thus trying to promote a tournament I know is stepping on Magnicious & Ricky’s toes. I either knew it or I didn’t. I’m telling you I didn’t. Now get over it, this isn’t high school, full of “he said, she said” business. Please be less ignorant if you are trying to convince someone of something.

  7. Can you stop with the whole competition talk? There is no competition but what we make. If it’s obviously apparent that there is no hostility and competition attempted between Mag & Ricky and Waba & me, why do you continue to talk about it like it’s clear as day and the two parties are ready to jump down each other’s throat at a moment’s notice?

  8. The only malicious intent here is the one you’ve planted and watered. Nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an idiot. Many of the things you’ve brought up have been through my head already. I just don’t think a lot of your ideas are concrete enough to justify the idea that I have purposefully sat down and schemed to get under the skin of Mag & Ricky and compete with them, which is what you ended your post with anyway.

GA never fails…

This whole thing was really, really, deceptive. Eddie, you came into the GA thread and stated YOU planned on running a monthly tournament and you were wondering if anyone would come if YOU held it. You didn?t put a date, a time, anything. Afterwards, I contacted you through AIM and asked you when you planned on holding the tournament and you wrote back to me on AIM chat just a few days before the announcement of this monthly:

omgu8myrice8462: im not sure yet, to tell you the truth

omgu8myrice8462 it was honestly a shot in the dark

That?s what YOU wrote to me as if you didn?t know where you were going to run it and had no plans within the near future. You made it seem like you were just seeing who would come and what not. Even telling me you didn’t have a venue yet, and had no idea where you were running it. I’m not even going to post the entire AIM convo.

Now, Ricky and I made it clear that we were running another Revival next month. You could?ve used the common curtisity to contact me or Ricky and ask us when we were having our next Revival and that you planned on having another one and you did not want to conflict with us. Min then stepped in the Waba Weeklies thread stated that he was going to bring back the monthlies August 29th. I believe it was at this time you knew the tournament was going to be at Waba. Two days BEFORE the official announcement thread was made. Cool-breeze immediately went into the thread and stated that Revival would be on August and letting him know he was butting in on other organizers. So we let you guys know what was up and you know that Revival was a monthly tournament. The fact that the official thread wasn’t posted doesn’t really matter. You knew it would be a revival next month. If Min truly didn’t see Cool-breeze’s post that truly shows how much he pays attention to his own threads and just how often he actually logs on here. God forbid he actually come on the forums and actually participate in them and talk about games or something that does not have to do with Waba promoting his own events. If he truly says he didn’t see the post then that shows how often he actually comes on forums and doesn’t even attempt to be apart of our scene. Only logging on to advertise his events. Seeing as he hasn’t even posted in his own tournament thread yet shows how much interest he has for the scene but that’s a whole other story.

It’s like me (or any other organizer) trying to post a major tournament in March. Even though the Final Round thread isn’t posted (and I am talking about before Shinblanka made the FR focus thread) we all know that he is throwing a tournament in March wether we see a thread or not. So respectfully, no other organizer throws a tournament near that date.

Then, all the sudden, YOU post the thread at SRK out of the blue. And you aren?t even running the tournament, Min is since he posted the thread at his own forums. ( http://www.wabagame.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2118 ) So, you weren?t running the tournament after all. And then you take the date that Ricky and I were originally going to do even though we made it clear in both threads we were going to have a monthly in August.

Now I am not mad you are just advertising (supposedly running) his monthly. I am just saying if we are in this together for the scene, why the secrets? Why the deception about running a tournament? Why not come into the GA thread and state ?I plan on running a monthly tournament at Waba games on August 29th? instead of coming in and saying, “If I throw a monthly, will anyone come” and that’s it like you did here in the GA thread:


It’s obvious there was something there to hide. Look at the way that was written? Can you honestly sit here with a straight face and state that you had no idea you were running it at Waba? Can you honestly say at this date you had no idea what day you were running the tournament on? Look at the way that was written.

All of these things you?ve done make it seem as if you are in competition. A competitors keeps secrets from their competition, a competitor would secretly come out and post something like this. It was all very, very, deceptive.

You know both me and Ricky on a personal level. You know my phone number (it’s right on the front of the thread), we talk on AIM occasionally, you know Ricky’s phone number, you see him at East point, heck you know him better than me. You know he’s a co-organizer of the events as well. Yet you neglected to contact us both or even just let it be known in the scene exactly what your intentions were in the GA thread you constantly post in. You know Cool-breeze as well. You knew he was on staff and helps out for Revival. You didn’t attempt to contact him either. There’s no excuse for any of the sheer lack of communication. It doesn’t matter if the thread was posted yet or not, you knew it would be a Revival in August regardless.

All you had to do was come straight up in the GA thread, in my Atlanta Revival results thread, a PM, call my cell phone number on the front of the thread, contacted Ricky, Cool-breeze etc. and let us know that you were planning on running a tournament and you wanted to make sure our dates did not conflict. Just out of curtsey for a fellow organizer. Instead, you did it the deceptive way. Good luck with your tournaments and everything but really, this was a real underhanded move.

This is retarded.

Stop asking me if I can sit here with a straight face to tell you that I didn’t know what the date for the next Revival monthly was, because I didn’t. However, I’m extremely tired of trying to explain this simple fact to a bunch of people who are too busy arguing about other stuff, so I’m just going to go with what you said and just say I apparently knew the date, since that’s what everyone thinks, right? Everyone thinks that I’m undermining you guys on purpose, so there’s no point for me to try to argue it.

I went up to Min the very next day after my post in the GA thread to get all the details together. I guess trying to get things finalized early came back to bite me in my ass by apparently making it obvious that I knew everything when I posted, as opposed to the possibility that I am a responsible person who decided to try to get things done after my post quickly. I don’t see how the situation of me getting things done in less than 48 hours automatically shows that I knew all this information prior to less than two fucking days. I guess the fact that I knew I wouldn’t run a fucking tournament in my own house, which would result in me needing a VENUE (meaning I can’t just run everything by myself). But hey, if everybody takes what I say to be deceptive and hostile, then I suppose it’s too much to assume that I would be given the benefit of the doubt for this.

Whatever. If you guys think I’m trying to go under your authority, then so be it. I honestly can’t care beyond what I’ve already done. Sorry if that doesn’t fit your tastes. By the way…Mag, don’t tell me not to disclose something in an IM conversation we had, then just turn around and copy/paste something I said and subtly throw in a threat of having the entire AIM conversation. IMO, that’s way more shady and deceptive than anything you guys are accusing me of. Thanks.

I’m staying out of this shit!:sleep: I just wish we could all get along. Ga=drama. I hope to see people at SEB, but things maybe up in the air now with this latest drama. I’m sure this newest Ga drama will effect attendance at SEB and that makes me sad and pisses me off all in one moment!:wtf: I won’t take sides on this subject, but I will say one thing on this subject. People who travel out of town/state tournaments because they trust the organizers to have a stable tournament that will be run in a timely manner. With all of our random beef through the years between ga organizers it makes “ALL OF US” look very unorganized and not worth traveling too. How can we start a SE ranbat system with the rest of the main SE tournament organizers when we can’t get along with each other in the same state. I hope this gets resolved, but please don’t ask me to get in this shit!

I understand both sides points, but I ain’t getting in the middle of these shit fella’s. I hope it gets worked out because bickering and drama isn’t good for our ATL community.