WaBa'S Combo Breaker 1 : Duluth, GA : Aug. 29th

Waba’s ComboBreaker 1 : Monthly Fighting Games Cash Tournament : Aug. 29th, 2009

Waba Game
3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Duluth, GA 30096
Phone: 678-417-9222
E-Mail: wabagames@yahoo.com
Website: www.wabagame.com
MapQuest: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Du…&zipcode=30096
YahooMaps: http://maps.yahoo.com/#mvt=m&lat=34…20ga%252030096

Note: This location is about a 10-15 minute car ride away from the Doraville MARTA train station, something that should not be overlooked. It will be possible to arrange transportation from the train station to the venue.

AUG. 29th, 2009
Registration Starts: 12:00 pm
Tournament Starts: 2:00 pm

$10 Door Fee (includes FREE hotdogs and sodas)

(360) Street Fighter 4 Tournament : $10
(PS3) BlazBlue Tournament : $10
(PS3) King of Fighters 12 Tournament : $10
(PS3) Tekken Dark Resurrection Tournament : $5
(Wii) SSBB : $10 singles/$20 teams

70/20/10 pot split for all games.
100% of pot fee goes to winners

General Tournament Rules:
2/3 sets
3/5 for Semi’s, LF, WF
4/7 for GF
Winner must retain same character/team.
Double elimination brackets.

This allows the tournament directors and any other individuals involved to correctly gauge and determine a good estimate on how many people will show up and participate in any given events. You are encouraged to pre-register to make it easier on us. Thanks in advance.

Name "Tag"

Eddie "TooMuchDamage"
Suwanee, GA

More rules and individual start times TBA

(Will edit this as more information comes in)

I am going to this I really like the location

Raphael Bendy
Montgomery, AL
SF4, Blazblue

Mr. Bush first to post!:rock:
Thanks dude.

Eddie Mu "TooMuchDamage"
Suwanee, GA

I just realized there’s no Marvel :sad:. Who is up for a 3rd strike or Marvel side-tourney (I don’t even play 3s, :lol:)

im coming! but im playing ps3 only:tup:

John, you sig made me laugh.


Anybody else from EP trying to come? The numbers look kind of grim :sad:

I really really want to come, but I’m going to Medieval Times on that day. I might be able to squeeze at least one game in if I knew the induvidual start times, so as soon as that info is available, please post it. Thanks. :china:

Lawrenceville, GA


This Saturday!!!:chat:

Less than a week away…:wow:

Can some of you bring set ups? Could use some more PS3s with KOF12 and/or BlazBlue.

Why is everything always on PS3? So doodoo. :sad:

A lot of major tournaments are veering towards the PS3 as the standard.

Why? What game is that a conflict for you?

Kinda akward having SF4 on 360 & everything else on ps3 (excluding smash obviously) but whatever, so long as it runs smooth. I’ll try and get there on the train, but who can hook up that ride from the Doraville station? How much would a cab run? I’m pretty much lost in Atlanta

A cab to Waba from Doraville Station would be $28 one way. Unless you want to burn $56 back and forth PLUS entry fees, you may want to catch a ride out there.

Tre "Ballin’jin"
Alpharetta, GA

Forte, send me a PM about the lift from Doraville.
Branh, I got you.

Wow 10-15 minute ride translates to $28? PM Sent

This is my main concern, so any info would be appreciated.

Yeah, WABA’s have been known for going a long time, but still I don’t get off work til 3, so around that time, reverend, branh and ballinj will be showing up.

We will try to start all the tournaments as close to 2pm as possible. That’s why registration starts at noon, so we can start and end the tournament in a timely manner. This will also give people more casual gaming time, so please come on time to help the tournament run smooth. Thanks in advance for your support.

We will have marvel set ups for people interested. We will have the ps3 download version and the dreamcast version of MvC2 for casuals.

Bump :tup:

See you guys tomo, lol.