Waco,Tx Guilty Gear XX: AC and HNK Tourney 6/16 Results


I’d like to thank everyone who showed up from out of town. Were some suprise guests who made it out. HNK was a little shaky because of time limits. But being Waco’s first real tourney I think it went rather well.

Props go to Arkangel from Snk-Capcom.com and Nate from Killeen for setting up this shit up since it was their tourney.

Shout out to DFW and Killeen for making it out.


GGXXAC had 19 entries.

1 Binh - DFW
2 J.W. - DFW
3 O.J. (DirtKicker) - DFW
4 Sean - Killeen
5 Matt - Killeen
5 Arthur - DFW
7 Brian C. (Yungb254) - Waco
7 Nate - Killeen
9 Blake (White Rice) - DFW
9 Daniel B. (Bomberman3000) - Waco
9 Eddy C.(Orochi Ryu) - DFW
9 Joe R. (Mp3Burn) - Waco
13 Eric (Kio) - Waco
13 Loui G. (Venom22) - Waco
13 John C. (Nmbr1Krush) - Waco
13 Acie (Ebortion) - DFW
17 Antone - Waco
17 Angel A. (ArkAngel) - Waco
17 David (FastyMcNasty) - DFW

HnK had 12 entries

1 Nate - Killeen
2 Matt - Killeen
3 David - DFW
4 Brian R. - Killeen
5 Acie - DFW
5 O.J. - DFW
7 Daniel B. - Waco
7 Brian C. - Waco
9 Loui G. - Waco
9 Angel A. - Waco
13 Antone - Waco
13 Joe R. - Waco

<— Sean

was fun, I played horrible and no idea how I got that far. gogo random supers! Hardly any FRC’s and I couldn’t even run properly… Probably was because I was some what nervous being my first tournament in over a year+. Hopefully k-town will start practicing more, nice to meet up with new people again. Someone teach me how to play zappa.

good shit nate

Oh shit, Binh. Guess all that practice paid off.

Excellent tourney gents…way better then I expected. Killeen gotz some skillz in that Hokuto Broken!!! Hope to see everyone at the next tourney, lv’d up…

yeah, Awesome tournament…
Good shit to BINH on the BEASTIN!!!
Props to all the people that made it! Oh and good shit to Oj for coming back from looser’s to get 3rd…:tup:
also congrats to waco for running such a smooth tourney…
looking forward to the next waco tourney!

congrats to Binh. Thanks to DFW for coming down. GG’s guys.

thx, i really enjoyed going out there and the lan place was very nice :tup:

big up’s to sean for gettin’ 4th


Wish I couldve actually played some of the Kileen guys.:confused:

hoho sup sex, been a while. I played like shit…

All I learned from this tournament is that I suck at GG and Hokuto no Ken. :rofl:

Damn, a tourney in Waco? I wish I could’ve seen or heard about this. Hopefully I’ll get word next time and try to make it up, even if I do suck at both of those games. :slight_smile:

Nice to see Waco gettin’ some love though, good job guys!

thanks man, im planning something for august or september.