WACOM Artpad II 4x5 Tablet w/Erasing Pen

This guy is selling this pad for 30 bucks? Seeing as I dont know diddly poo about wacoms I was wondering if this was a good buy.

yeah but he said artpad II, are you sure its not graphire 2 instead??

nah, he meant Artpad II. It is a separate product from the graphire. However, I know very little about it. It is kind of suspicious that the Artpads are so much cheaper than the Graphire, but that may simply be because it’s older, and not necessarily much worse. I quick bit of research shows me that the Artpad II supports 256 levels of pressure, while the Graphire 3 supports 512. So, in that sense, the Graphire is better. I have heard, however, that those extra levels of pressure sensitivity may be a moot point, because most of the leading graphics programs are not even capable of differentiating between that many levels of pressure. I don’t know whether or not that’s true, but it is something I have heard before. On a convienience note, the Graphire connects through USB and requires no power source, while the Artpad II connects through serial and needs an AC adapter. That’s all I could really find without spending a lot of time researching. You might want to look into it more if you’re considering buying it.

Yea, hey thanks chain

It was this pad or a graphire one that was 70 bucks. I think I might go ahead and get it. Anything to get me started/use to working with a stylus.

im thinking about getting one myself, is 4x5 a good enough size?

4x5 is good to start. but im witnessing the drawbacks. my 4x5, i always thought was too sensitive. the pad is directly proportional to the monitor. u can change it so it isnt, but then it will feel really wierd. i used a 6x8 and the larger size made the sensivity drop and the propotions felt much better, and i felt i drew much better on it. im gonna sell my 4x5 to my friend and get a 6x8.

Well, Im getting a Graphire

Did some more browsing on Ebay and I found a Graphire 1 I guess for 50 bucks. It’s a 4x5. Can’t wait to get it, just in time to color my SF contest pic.:smiley:

Sweet. To my knowledge, there’s very little difference between the Graphire 1, 2, and 3. Lol, I actually don’t even have a Graphire myself, I have an older model called the PenPartner, which pretty much the same thing, but only has one side button and didn’t come with a mouse.

thats def a good buy. Depends on what your going to do with it though. I have a large one (dimensions over 15 inchs not sure how big it actually is)…but that was a few hundred… nice grad gift actually :smiley:

But if your looking for something cheaper you can check out the Dolphin pads.

or one of these http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5106355876&category=3680

BUT, they all suck compaired to wacom :smiley: